The Counter Revolution

TL in Exile – by TL Davis

There is nothing left to wait for. The Feds have made their moves already and where federal legislation may not work, they have gone into the states, Missouri for example. They are coming every day in every state in different ways.

The revolution from individual freedom and personal responsibility has taken place. The ideals of liberty are gone. The concept of collectivism has permeated everything that was America and destroyed it.  

The wiser of us will caution you against action toward the dispostic forces of gun legislation, but keep in mind, the Second Amendment is not all that they are violating. Every single right is under siege. The only rights left are those we are willing to die to protect.

I am not one of the wise.

Therefore, I have given up on any sort of organized action. The community is targeted by infiltrators or should I say infiltraitors? We are being watched; our blogs monitored. In some cases individuals are under surveillance.

In every case it is possible that if we seek to acquire weapons with which to fight for our rights, our contacts will likely be federal government agents or conspirators with the federal government.

The tactics are simple: intrude on an individual, acquire evidence (real or fabricated) with which to leverage compliance and information against the rest. Set up a scenario where others will come under the same scrutiny and wait for one of them to be ready to act and then bust the lot of them with conspiracy to overthrow the government.

They do not need facts, they do not need evidence, they do not need to comply with the Constitution. All they need to do is bust a few of us and incriminate the rest.

Therefore, I have decided that the only action likely to achieve the end is personal and individual action, in conjunction with no one else, in contact with no one else. It is not through purchasing weapons of resistance, but by using the weapons they supply. It is by exploiting existing sources, not introducing sources.

The time to fight back is now. If you are dedicated to the cause of liberty, or just against despotism and oppression this is your fight and it must begin.

If you are not in the planning stage, you should be. If you are not in the implementation stage, you should be getting close.

This is the counter-revolution and you should be part of it.

4 thoughts on “The Counter Revolution

  1. Hey All
    You know all this yada yada get ready there gonna get ya nonsense just wears me out. Now please correct me if Im wrong but if each of us MEN defended our HOMES and even took out one traitor apiece,just shot the first mangy sumbitch that showed up at our castles step, just shot him dead in the eye and maybe one or two more of his commie helpers this tiny piss ant threat of these infiltraitors would vanish overnite.I dont know about the rest of you folks but Im too old and cranky to run from some young punk in a state costume and will immediatly end the threat and keep ending it till I cant go anymore.All these blow hard cowards who hand their guns over on DEMAND deserve to be slaves,arming to the teeth only to roll over like curr dogs on command by punks with badges.In an UNORGANIZED resistance EACH of us is THE LEADER in our own castle and should start acting like it.

  2. “I am not one of the wise.”
    Yes, you are, and you’re absolutely right about how people will be set up so they can be taken out of the fight before it begins.

    But for most people it would be a bit wiser, and much more effective if they could find a few trustworthy people they can work with, but the author’s right about how one might be turned against the other.

    One possible solution would be to say or do nothing illegal until the time comes, at which time it will be fairly obvious who is on who’s side. There’s not too much that needs to be discussed, and you don’t need illegal weapons.

  3. There is kind of an unspoken word among We The People that WTSHTF we are going to hook up. Everyone is preparing individually as best they can right now knowing someday soon we will be working together to solve our problems. Only things discussed right now is current events, the line in the sand, what better thing to die for, waking others, preparing ours and our families hearts, and getting ready. Anything else might get you in the jamb this article discusses.

  4. I’m so looking forward to shoving my Redwing boot into the ass of each and everyone of these crony coward politicians who trample on our freedoms. This is America. We’ll not let them sink the ship of this great nation. God bless us all

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