The Empire State Building Mass Shooting – Truth in Opposition of Propaganda

The reality behind what was originally reported as a mass shooting near the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday morning is being manipulated in an effort by the international soviet socialist, Michael Bloomberg, to blame the existence of Jeffrey Johnson’s .45 semi-automatic pistol as the cause of the deaths and woundings.

In a case like this if you watch the propaganda being put forth from every angle, the little bits of truth, mixed with the half truths and the lies, reveal the probable cause for the incident.  I heard it mentioned that Jeffrey Johnson asserted that Steve Encrolino stole designs from him and the revenues there from.

This is what I believe happened.  Jeffrey Johnson took his case to the corrupt corporate courts where he was denied his rightful claim as Steve Encrolino was corporately powerful enough, and probably of a high enough degree in the Masonic Lodge, to unjustly prevail.  After losing his job and being denied justice for two years, Johnson found himself in a situation of force majeure.  The law had failed him and he was left to his own devises.  He could either accept the injustice or take justice by his own hand, which he did.

I am not condoning this shooting.  I am just saying that the failure of the private corporate courts to deliver justice has, in the past and is today, driving those who will not be denied justice to the most extreme measures.

Now let’s look at the shooting itself.  Johnson walked up to Encrolino and at point blank range, on a crowded street, executed his tormentor without harming anyone else.  A construction worker, who is being praised for “seeing something and saying something”, ran up to a couple of police officers and pointed Johnson out.

The police then confronted Johnson from no more than ten feet away.  When Johnson pulled out his pistol, the so called trained police officers unleashed a hail of bullets on a crowded street in a state of panic, killing Johnson and wounding nine innocent pedestrians.

This technique is known as “spray and pray” and is often implemented by troops in the field confronted with overwhelming fire power.  It is a desperate panic move.

These two police officers are cowards and they are the ones who need to be disarmed.  Had they both raised their pistols and aimed at Johnson’s head from ten feet away, the worst thing that could have happened is one officer might have been killed or wounded, but one or the other, from ten feet away with one bullet to his head, could have easily killed Johnson.

It used to be that police were expected to place themselves between any danger and the public.  Now, these cowards simply open up without regard for the safety of the public, as their pig lives are the only consideration.

Even in hunting (with the exception of Dick Cheney), if the shooter does not identify the area beyond his target and shoots another hunter because of this failure, he can and many have been held to be criminally negligent.

As for the international socialist pig Bloomberg, trying to use this incident to push his commie treasonous attack on our 2nd Amendment, well when we reinstate our Republic under our Constitution, we must arrest, try, and convict this dirty little treasonous commie.  And make no mistake.  Bloomberg’s body guards are heavily armed and if he had his way in instituting communism in the United States, he would have no problem ordering the execution by gunfire of any American national who would dare to speak out against his regime.

Our response to this latest propaganda will be the same as it has been for each propaganda push against our 2nd Amendment.  Vote with your wallet.  Buy more guns and ammunition.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “The Empire State Building Mass Shooting – Truth in Opposition of Propaganda

  1. When I was young cops weren’t allowed to use their guns unless FIRED UPON first. It was their job to take the first shot before even drawing their weapons.

  2. On Yahoo and the MSM, they are now reporting the truth that the cops were the ones that sprayed and killed 9 people while killing the gunman. I’m somewhat surprised at that. The comments of course make fun of the police and them a bunch of Barney Fife’s who only need to be given one bullet. Bloomberg can go stuff it where the sun don’t shine. The people and the truth win once again.

  3. Thanks for sharing that ,NC.

    You’ve obviously got a stronger stomach than I do, being able to watch the MSM and report on them. LOL

    1. Of course they are going to go the “Barney Fife = incompetent” mode after their idiocy has backfired on them…

      I grew up in a family of corrupt LEO’s and I too am shocked at the speed with which the NYPD Police Commissioner bit the bullet (so to speak) on this one..! I listened to a short clip of him speaking and he said “we just don’t have the ballistics to support any other scenario other than the nine injured were hit by police fire”..(or something similar)… good for that man…at least in the face of overwhelming evidence he’s not trying to spin the scene…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

      1. The first reason the agenda is to be more “in your face” with their ruthlessness is because the days of denial are over as they have the whole surveillance network in place and they don’t need to lie anymore. The second reason is now that we are surveilled 24/7/365 admitting cops will kill you if they have to is a warning to everyone that this is the current policy and condition of the police state. They will kill you as a suspect, a bystander, a protestor, etc. So you better behave and when you see a dangerous situation and the cops, don’t pull out your smartphone to use the camera. You better duck and cover. 😉

        1. I tried to edit my remark a bit, but have been denied…the fascists are even watching this site and must have control…they must be letting the fascist watch in real time…so they can stop freedom of speech…it certainly can’t be the you all do that all the time…


          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  4. “I heard it mentioned that Jeffrey Johnson asserted that Steve Encrolino stole designs from him and the revenues there from.

    “This is what I believe happened. Jeffrey Johnson took his case to the corrupt corporate courts where he was denied his rightful claim as Steve Encrolino was corporately powerful enough, and probably of a high enough degree in the Masonic Lodge, to unjustly prevail. After losing his job and being denied justice for two years, Johnson found himself in a situation of force majeure. The law had failed him and he was left to his own devises. He could either accept the injustice or take justice by his own hand, which he did.””

    It still amazes me after all you see on TV and in the movies about corrupt corporate dealings why ANYONE would want to give something to the corporations, knowing that what they did can NEVER be theirs and if they leave or get fired, all of their work and research over the years will be lost and they wonder why they get mad and lose it.

    It reminds me of the scene in Spiderman with Willem Defoe as Norman Osbourn after he gets fired by the board of directors and says, “You can’t do this to me. I built this company from the ground up. Don’t you know how much I’ve sacrificed?!!” and then he flips out psychologically and eventually becomes the Green Goblin.

    I remember when I started working for Disney English in Beijing, China. (A Disney English teaching company for children that had just started entering the field of ESL education (which they have absolutely ZERO knowledge of whatsoever of that field and having no business in pursuing that area of business, but being a corporation, they have to expand, buyout and conquer every aspect of business in the world because their existing wealth is never enough. Sick bastards.)) I had just barely gotten through the two week training session and at the end the trainer, a young 28-30 year old guy says to us four, “Guys, you are going to love working for Disney. It’s truly the greatest company in the world to work for and you can take that experience anywhere. And the your creations that you contribute to Disney will help make our company grow and we encourage you to do that.” So I asked, “But I can’t take my designs and creations with me to another company because Disney would own the rights to it, right?”. So he says, “Well, yea.” So I said, “So what’s the point of encouraging us to create and use our own designs and innovation if we are not going to get credit for it? That’s not much of an incentive on our part. You’re just kinda stealing our creations. So who would want to give up their designs and ideas?” So he stops and realizes he was caught in a predicament and says, “Well, obviously everything you do becomes the property of Disney and it is not yours, but it is the fact that you have contributed to the Disney Corporation and it can spread and you will be able to go all over the place and every time you see your creation, you can say, ‘I did that. I was a part of that.’ Granted you won’t get any credit for it and the corporation will own all rights to it, but at least YOU know that you have contributed to one of the greatest companies in the world to work for and not many people have that chance to do that.” So I said, “So again, why should I give you my best designs and creations if I don’t get anything for it. You just kinda put your foot in your mouth there.” Two out of the other three people in the room besides me gave unconvinced looks and murmurings, too. He finally gave up and said, “Well it’s up to you. You don’t have to, but a lot of people have done it and it is a good thing and you can be proud of it.”

    The next day, the director came (an Asian-American) who thought he was all that and a big shot and had his secretary (aka tall 20 year-old Chinese secretary slut sitting there with her sexy legs crossed in a mini-skirt, taking notes and thinking she was all hot shit because she was the director’s toy) and was trying to show off about how great the company is and had that look about him that if you contradicted him, he would fire you. The guy made me want to puke and deck him in his face. Especially his smug look. He would have given Romney a run for his money. Two-faced as can be and probably thinking to himself, “I’m untouchable and you are all scum”. Anyways, he goes off on saying how “our product” is going to teach others English in a magical way and we have 18 Phd professors from all over the world review our curriculum and they assure us it works.” I looked at the pictures of these guys and I said to myself, “They probably all said it would work, so they could get their name on a piece of paper at Disney to help promote their credentials. They probably never taught a day of ESL in their life and I have had over 5 years of experience and was hired to be the Assistant Director of the English teachers. (A title that I eventually realized meant nothing at Disney.) What pissed me off even more was how this guy, the Director of the Disney English Franchise in China (Who has never taught ESL a day in his life and is a mere businessman) kept using the words, “Product” instead of “education” and “Customers/Clients” instead of “students” and the word, “Instructor or salesman” instead of “teacher”. He said, “we want to establish this as a training center and not a school. After all, we are in the business of education.” I just looked at this guy and really wanted to hit him. As a veteran teacher, I have never been so insulted in my life. I mumbled to my friend who was a teacher for two years and said, “This guy is a joke. He knows nothing about education. Education is NOT a business. It’s an institution where people can learn. It is not something to be profited from. It is something that is given to someone. When you start acting like it is all for the money, then it ceases to be a school and becomes a business.” (Which of course, is what Disney was). I said, “By doing this, you cease to become a teacher and become a salesman trying to sell a product rather than teach them English. How can they say that? I was hired to teach not to sell. I am a teacher. If you want someone to sell something then hire a salesman.” And of course, they did have a Sales department that we had to work with as well (the whole, “We are one people, we are borg” corporate business philosophy) to get more “Customers/Clients” rather than “students”. This goes to show you the power, corruption and influence of corporations. Especially Disney. They wont stop until they control all aspects of our lives and the world.

    So again, I don’t know how anyone can work for a corporation and I refused to work for one after quitting the day after that because it just made me sick to know that places and companies like that existed. Needless to say, while I was there at Disney, that guy and the other directors and businessmen were saying how they are going to be opening so many centers in one year in China and are projected to grow more exponentially and are targeting the rich people by charging them an arm and a leg for the education. I told them it would never work and that they don’t know Chinese people. They just laughed it off and implied that they were Disney and knew all and saw all that was going on and did the research for two years and nothing would ever go wrong. TWO YEARS! I had been in China for 5 years and was married to a Chinese woman. I think I know more than them, especially about ESL education and I don’t need a bunch of stupid Ivy league Phd professors to ridicule me and to try and prove me otherwise. Anyways, the funny thing is, after I quit, and they started opening up their locations, 1. there weren’t enough rich people in China who could afford it and 2. if anything I haven’t heard of any more schools being opened in China. Especially since I went back to Qingdao, China for another year and they said that they planned to open one up there the following year which they never did. So I can say that “I got the last laugh”.

    So from then on, I always despised corporations. They are nothing but evil. I don’t blame this gunman in NYC for doing what he did. The other corporate scumbag thief probably had it coming to him. I’m surprised more people don’t get angry at corporations. They are always blinded and attracted by the colorful, magical benefits that the corporations offer at first, that they don’t see that the corporations are stealing from them right in front of their eyes.

    1. By the way, #1NWO Hatr, most of the businessmen at Disney English were recruited and based from L.A. which explains their lavish, “I’m king and you are a peasant scum” arrogance and ignorance to everything. I’m sure by living there, you would know what I mean. lol

    2. Interesting to read NC and the comment’s length just proved the passion you had. Corporations can be good if kept in check but they are mostly parasites that just devour everything they can see around them while destroying so none can get by without them so none of that they are people bullshit should be tolerated.

      Corporations left unchecked turn into this pretty much and I think this may be similar to the future.

      “Humanity is deeply in debt. – Worldwide economic collapse occurs followed by many assassinations of media/industrial moguls. – Refugees flood the West due to a devastating war in the Middle East and major earth changes in South-East Asia. – Marshall Law introduced in response to a chain of domestic terrorist attacks against major financial institutions. – Air becomes poisonous in major cities – The rise of air tycoons, owners of air recycling plants. – Anyone not purchasing a set amount of goods in a certain amount of time is labeled a nosumer and can be fined with refusal to stimulate the failing economy. Surveillance is everywhere.”

  5. (my original comment, without the cursing, but ‘m sure they have reported me to the FBI or something..ha!)

    I would agree with you…they think all is in place and they have the populace cowering to the degree they need to…however..when martial law is in place I’d recommend three things…

    1. If taken under the NDAA, on an individual level…don’t anything that you are told to do. Do not sit when told to, do not stand when told to,do not walk when told to, do not talk when spoken to…do not eat when direct, or at all…do not take any medication….force the fascists to do everything under a threat of violence or force….make them provide dozens of guards or watchers for each illegal conscript or prisoner they steal off the streets without due process..or as the criminal Eric Holder likes to illuminate “Judicial Process”…Forget them…

    2. Never deny, or give up your Bill of Rights…demand everything you are entitled to under our laws and The Constitution at all times of the day or night, to every guard, doctor or fascist you encounter…give them nothing but grief, and force them to “care” for you…kill you outright, or beat the crap out of you so that every time you are seen in public by society, a judge or the fascist rats who are detaining you.

    3. Stop interacting to the best of your ability with any government structure that is in support of the national fascists, including local, country, city government etc. However, if you have pockets of resistance by local government..go with the flow and support them…however..quit filing federal income taxes, try to have your deductions stopped, get all of your money out of the banks, credit unions and any other form of digital money…get food, shelter, water and weapons…but to the best of your ability, starve the corrupt federal government of all support, the most money you can,and then force them to make everyone do everything against their will…

    …and lastly, if a family member is taken by illegal federal agents…form a neighborhood watch group, and when the tanks role into a neighborhood, think up as many non-violent methods (for now ) of keeping the tanks in the hood…block them with junked cars, build bon-fires..set whole sections of town on fire and block them in…but don’t just let them leave with your loved on…and since the federal government has shown itself to be in violation of it’s mission towards the US Population and are engaging in torture and war-crimes, we are not legally bound to follow their direction……they may kill you, me or us…but we do not have to follow illegal direction by an illegal administration…regardless of Political Party or the supposed “emergency”…
    ….so simply refuse to comply….the rest of the actions from that point on….well you folks out there get the idea…illegal, is illegal, is illegal..corrupt,is corrupt, is corrupt…

    Fight Back anyway you can….!


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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