The Great Reset | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

Nov 11, 2020
The Great Reset had to happen so the cashless society could be brought in and the one world government could be introduced… With society now in a Police state and a Mandatory Vaccine now in place. Kain is finding refuge in the empty streets of London in search of a way out…
The Great Reset is the fifth part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other parts here:
Mandatory Vaccine:

4 thoughts on “The Great Reset | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

  1. It’ll take a lot to “reset” far west Texas…for one thing they’d have to move ALL of us into big city stack ‘n packs (Constitution-free zone and all that crap)…because there is virtually no way to install 5G towers every 100 feet or so out here….to rocky….heck they can’t even keep it up with electric or telephone poles, which out here tend to lean forward or backward and are about 500-1000 feet apart. And who would clean up all the dead wildlife after 6 months?

    So, to save the wildlife, trees, etc., they’d have to move us all out…except of course all the lib-tard artsy-fartsies in Marfa….who would keep up those “art” emporiums? Ain’t happening, folks, and besides, what with the mountains and the minerals therein, good luck finding residents using GPS! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! And watch for…you know…..

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