The Hidden Truth: The Poison of Statism

Political Pistachio – by Douglas V. Gibbs

The true enemy is statism.  We can argue ideology, Democrat versus Republican, liberalism versus conservativism, or left versus right all we want, but in the end “big government,” especially in a manner that is in direct opposition to the rule of law, and the United States Constitution, is the enemy.  Every issue has its surface arguments, but in the end, the argument always comes down to if the issue is a local or central authority, and how it is being shoved down the throats of the American public.  

During the founding of the United States, the people of that era called it “utopianism.”  People like Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams and James Madison warned against the excesses of democracy (mob-rule), the schemes of leveling (redistribution of wealth), and communal systems (socialism).  Jefferson so distrusted the concept of a central government that he believed there would be a bloody revolution every twenty years (water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots).  John Adams suspected the two party system would be the death of this nation.  Benjamin Franklin warned that only a virtuous society is capable of freedom, and James Madison added that freedom was also dependent upon the people being educated in the matters of government and their republic.  The specter of statism existed in that time, peering into the system through the eyes of people like John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall.  Anti-federalists like George Mason warned of what would become of the United States if the fires of liberty were not maintained by the people, and if the citizens became complacent in their relationship with the federal government.

Abraham Lincoln used what would become known as “progressive” ideas to anchor his war powers, and invade the States in the South to force them back into the union through military force.  The Slaughterhouse cases began the damaging process of “Incorporating the Bill of Rights to the States,” and in 1913 the creation of the Federal Reserve, direct taxation (16th Amendment), and the elimination of the States’ voice in the lawmaking process (17th Amendment), sped up the downward spiral this nation was experiencing as the purveyors of statism worked to fundamentally change this country into something the framers of the United States Constitution never originally intended.

The steps towards serfdom under the watching and controlling eyes of a ruling elite have been incremental, but the frequency of injections have increased a hundred-fold in recent times.  The leftists, the proponents of “big government”, believe that America has turned the corner, and has turned left towards the totalitarian state of collectivism.  Years ago Newsweek Magazine declared “We are all Socialists now,” as if that was something to be proud of.  President Obama has disregarded both the United States Constitution, and the voice of Congress, in his kingly rule, moving beyond even issuing executive orders to act legislatively, and now simply writing memos, or voicing his decrees, to circumvent the rule of law and ensure his iron will is followed by the bureaucrats in the various executive agencies.

President Obama acts without Congress on regular occasion.  However, the House of Representatives inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress without seeking Obama’s blessing, and the U.S. Senate sending a letter to Iran with 47 signatures of Senators explaining to the Iranian leadership that any deal Obama makes still has to be ratified by the U.S. Senate as per the United States Constitution, is being called by President Obama “embarrassing,” and by the media “disrespectful.”

Since when is Obama king?

We are told that the FCC can seize control of the internet without Congressional say, and despite the courts telling Obama it is an overreach of executive power.  The federal government has seized control of health care, seeks to disarm the public and recently tried to do so with an “executive” attempt to ban certain types of ammunition.  Obama has altered immigration law through executive fiat, despite the fact that Article I, Section 1 of the United States grants all legislative powers to Congress, and no such powers to the President of the United States.  Eric Holder is threatening to dismantle the Ferguson police department which is a direct threat to federalize police forces, and the racial divide is being widened with every opportunity.  Racism is now seen in everything.  Racism has become a valuable tool, and the useful idiots that vote for people like Obama with race at the head of their decisions don’t even realize that they are nothing but pawns in a much larger game that is designed to eventually enslave everyone under the name of a “safety net,” but is nothing more than government dependence and government control over the population through the expansion of governmental powers.

Abortionists have convinced a large segment of the population that murder of the unborn is a god-given right, and the homosexual agenda is using the force of law to demand that their opposition is either silenced, coerced into compliance, or punished for daring to disagree with their agenda.  And, using the tactic of “divide and conquer,” the gay agenda has Republicans ripping at each other’s throats over the California GOP’s decision to include the gay Log Cabin Republicans group into the Republican fold.  Moderate Republicans tout the votes the Log Cabin Republicans will bring under the large tent, while ignoring the even larger number of conservative votes that will be lost because of the move by the California Republican Party that is in complete violation of the Republican Party platform.

The Obama administration, as revealed by Louis Lerner’s emails, Hillary Clinton’s secret email servers, Eric Holder’s abuse of email, other unlawful uses of technology and email by numerous members of the Democrat Party in Congress and the executive branch, and the constant unconstitutional actions by Obama, have revealed that the members of Obama’s team and minions believe they are above the law, and can carry whatever double-standard they want (remember, these were the same people that accused the Bush administration of acting without Congress, and using unlawful email communication tactics).

Communist leaders during the twentieth century continuously told us that they had infiltrated America, that the American System would be defeated, and that the people of the United States would raise the red flag of socialism themselves.  In New Mexico, a high school decided to use communism as their theme for their prom, and at the University of California at Irvine the American Flag has been dubbed as being “Hate Speech,” a foul cry also echoed by an army of leftist professors and liberal left radicals.  In Texas, because of the complaint by one homeowner, a high school had to paint over a mural of the American Flag.

You are being told the enemy is right-wing extremists, bigots, anti-government domestic terrorists, racists, and uncompromising or do-nothing republicans.  But, in the end, the reality is, the true enemy is hiding behind a wall of deception and lies.  The hidden truth is that the true enemy is statism and the ideology of statism is being implemented in a fashion of creeping incrementalism.  The only question now is, “What are you going to do about it?”

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  1. “Jefferson so distrusted the concept of a central government that he believed there would be a bloody revolution every twenty years (water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots).”

    He was right.

    Long overdue.

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