The Limey Stuart Varney Thinks the Poor in the US are Eating too Well

Right as we the people are being told that Obama has invoked executive privilege to protect the United States international crime cartel, the media pimps are once again attacking the victims of the great theft.  The pimp Stuart Varney stepped up front and center to express his outrage in the failure of Food Stamp Reform legislation.

Varney said “The whole world is looking at America, seeing if we are prepared to reign in, at least a little bit, our entitlement programs, because we want to reign in our burgeoning debt.”  Varney indicated that people with tens of thousands of dollars in the bank are getting food stamps.

This is an out and out lie as anyone who has lost their job, their retirement, and eventually their home, and been forced to apply for food stamps knows that one cannot get food stamps if one has thousands of dollars in the bank.

The fact is the pimp Stuart Varney’s corporate brethren and sisteren have to take everything a person has before they can get the measly amount food stamps provides.

Varney went on to say that $700 billion would be spent on food stamps in the next ten years.  Tell me Stu, could that be a result of you and the rest of the sleaze in the 1% perpetuating poverty as you sell out our country, you British piece of tripe?

The necessity for food stamps has gone up 64% in the last four years as the fat ass corporate elite continue to pile up record profits, derived through the theft of our natural resources.

You keep it up, Stuart Varney, your day is coming.  The American people of the American race have had a bloated gut full of you and the rest of the international theft ring.  We are going to take our country back and you will be punished before we send you back to England where you came from.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “The Limey Stuart Varney Thinks the Poor in the US are Eating too Well

    1. He might be british but I bet he has fangs. He will suck the blood out of you givin half a chance. He probobly never had to go without. You got to feel sorry for those like him Mr. Varney that is.

  1. Entitlement means when one is given title to something. For example, when the British crown gave large tracks of land, the nobility were “entitled” to it and the profits derived from making the poor living there even poorer. Same folks had estates requiring slave labor – both black and white – that they were also entitled to.

    Entitlement is when the military industrial complex’s news outlets convince people that Iraq reset the floor for military spending. Spending a trillion a year wasn’t an aberration, it’s the new normal. Entitlement is when security contractors are entitled to rip up the Constitution for an escalating profit scheme. Entitlement is when banker-gangsters buy our representatives and write legislation. Entitlement is the pimps on teevee ceaselessly working to convince half of us that the results – our nation laid to waste – is actually the cause.

    Our financialization overlords are the entitled. We would all be relieved if government showed any inclination to rein in the wholesale looting and pillaging instead of pretending food stamps destroyed the economy.

    Stu wouldn’t have a clue, but you get no help from anyone until you are destitute. Food stamps and unemployment are a pittance. Stu reminds me of Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, saying people need to work until they’re 70. Carlos is worth $65 billion. I’m sure Stu would say he is ENTITLED to it, that is to say he WORKED until he was 70 for it. I’d say there is something wrong with a political system that lets that kind of wealth accrue to one person while so many work so hard for so little. Clearly, by definition of his wealth, he overcharged his customers and/or underpaid his employees, and certainly wasn’t overtaxed and over regulated.

    1. RE: G Street: Close, but no cigar. The richest man in the world would be Lord Rothschild. His fortune numbers in the hundreds of trillions, but you’ll never hear that information on the MSM. Carlos Slim is a pauper by comparison.

  2. This is what TPTB always do, they make those who they have oppressed or usurped feel bad for feeling the effects of being oppressed or usurped.

    Don’t buy any of their guilt, its what they do, pass on to the people their own guilt!!!


    1. I just think that his thong is cramping his style. He can`t help it, he is probobly so cheap there are brown spots on it and he would rather take the attention other places. Just ask him and I think he would deny it. They always do.

  3. You have just got to love this fine country we live in – the U.S.A. – don`t ya. Just think if we all had a life style like you Mr. Varney we would not have any F.S. recipients and save all the big money to support the gov. law makers and the banksters of the world. wish we knew where your dumpster was.

  4. When we attack the monster, we should not paint the corporations as any kind of evil capitalist, for there is no capital and the corporations are a creature of the United States Federal government. The Soviet Union, had a managed economy also, and ran its corporations with managed money called Rubles, created out of nothing. Creating money out of thin air is Soviet style managed economy. So we must get our country back not from the rich, because there are no rich today in Soviet America. Our struggle is with the ” Soviet American party” leadership, which is composed of the Democratic and Republican party leaders. The Soviets are of course financed by the Red Shield Gang, as they have always been. Our struggle is with Communism!

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