The Most Profound Re-Discovery of All Time

Published on Oct 12, 2014 by Cullen Smith

“They say that mathematics is the language of God…. but until now, nobody has been speaking God’s language” – Marko Rodin

Vortex Based Mathematics, THE SOURCE of the non decaying spin of the electron. Harnessing the energy of the universe and mapping it in three dimensional space.

“If you only KNEW the MAGNIFICENCE of the 3, 6, and 9, you would hold a key to the universe….” – Nikola Tesla….. WELL NOW WE HOLD THAT KEY!!

This summarizes all 3 of Randy Powell’s support videos. SUPPORT VBM!!! OPEN SOURCE CROWD FUNDING AND SHARING!!

A Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM) Presentation starring Randy Powell and Marko Rodin…

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference: Randy Powell VBM…

Marko Rodin VBM full teaching seminar!!…

Rodin Aerodynamics

4 thoughts on “The Most Profound Re-Discovery of All Time

  1. Well worth watching.

    Excellent idea indeed.

    The guy is not seeking funding but putting the idea out there so others can take it, say they changed something and patent it as their own – for profit.

    Too bad they went public before they could prove the effectiveness of their hypothesis.

    But sometimes we refer to it by Marko’s name [says some crazy long ass name]

    Nice to see the Tesla reference. And, like Tesla the Gov will take the info, suppress it and use it privately for their own evil purposes.

  2. the bastards in temporary charge probably know about all of this already, and have known it for decades…Until people realize that there is an evil and a good, and that both parties are extremely learned in all areas, and how powerful and learned etc. they will never get the full picture…What is that scripture: This is not a battle against flesh and blood but against the principalities, dark rulers etc.

  3. Remember when all the bioweapons experts all of a sudden started jumping off cliffs and bridges when the anthrax scare was rolled out of the closet. I believe over 50 “experts” at that time had a deep desire to kill themselves and were successful in accomplishing their “death wish”. One doesn’t have to stretch the imagination too far to understand why 22 veterans kill themselves every day because they can’t live with what they did for our wolves in sheep’s clothing. This technology will go down the history bin just like the 100 MPG fuel injection system. The elitists would never allow it, therefore, it’s up to us to do anything about it. How about it?

  4. In light of a lot of us have seen in the way of unconventional vehicles, you can better believe that they are NOT alien in origin. What I have seen didn’t have USAF that I could see, but wouldn’t be surprised that these things are piloted by red blooded HUMAN beings. Not little green, grey men.

    At a guess there is a “Break Away” civilization right now. Problem? We aren’t part of it, and not likely going to be short of getting control of this government and lowering the boom on these geeks! Better believe Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, and that SORROS character have their ticket out of here if this isn’t stopped.

    VEhicles like this can control gravity. That means they can also move large Mt. Everest size rocks and point them toward earth for another K.T. style extinction event here on earth. We know how diabolical these scum bags are. To kill 7 billion people is NOTHING to them. They talk about it openly as we would talk about the weather.

    Folks might want to look at this site. Has some good videos on this. This guy’s been harping on this very thing for decades.

    Might interest you all to know that US and Russia have been on Mars, and undoubtedly the Moon since 1962. Don’t believe me! Please. Find out for yourselves if you are interested.

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