The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail

Published on Oct 14, 2015 by corbettreport


The scandal that recently enveloped speaker of the house Dennis Hastert, downplayed as a decades-old story, has already disappeared from the headlines. But a series of revelations from FBI whistleblowers reveal that this story is just the tip of a very seedy iceberg, one that implicates Hastert, his top aide, other Congress members and government officials in a criminal network involved in sexual intrigue, foreign espionage, blackmail, and drug money.

3 thoughts on “The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail

  1. Where did this lump of shit get 40 million dollars? He was paying this kid off for a lot of years. This fudge packing slime ball only makes 175,00.00 a year.

    I wouldn’t let a dying cockroach near this human scum.

  2. Don’t forget Barney Frank. Having house sex parties in D.C. with pages and boys town orphans etc…
    This is standard operating procedure.
    Our government is run by pedophiles, dikes, and fags. Let’s not leave out the transvestites too! Totally disgusting.
    Move along nothing to see here.

  3. The concept of the pedophilia ring in governmental circles is well-established. The following documentary was pulled just prior to being aired on The Discovery Channel, and the English producers of the documentary were paid 1/2 a million in reimbursement for production costs. Seems like a lot of $$ to spend to NOT have something released.

    Please watch “Conspiracy of Silence”:

    A book entitled “The Franklin Coverup” by John W. DeCamp delves into this subject – he was first-hand involved in the Franklin, Nebraska/Boystown pedophilia/drugs/satanism scandals.
    Here’s a link to a PDF of the book:

    (The book was not type-corrected after scanning, and some words are missing in various places, but you can certainly get the entire gist of the book without any facts being altered – it’s just annoying at times to read)

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