13 thoughts on “The REAL Reason BLM Backed Down

  1. Yes, Nice pictures, but this wasn’t exactly the Cecil B. DeMille production I was hoping for in terms of thousands of Militiamen there and showing their teeth.

    1. We are not going to show the militia deployment on this site. The enemy can do their own recon and you can go somewhere else for your Cecil B. DeMille production.

      1. Henry,
        you bring up an important point and one many are missing. The gov is very concerned by the resistance they will face. They have started numerous events to draw out the militias and those who would oppose them. During this event the drones are cataloging faces, identifying vehicles and gathering intel. I suspect more events like this will follow until the probing of the lines is complete and then the real fight begins. A guerilla war only works because its members can blend in with a public that protects it. If they can identify and isolate this movement before the fight its going to be a different scenario. People opsec is paramount, never forget that…many are to quick to celebrate this as a win when it is not even over. Ask yourself what we lost and you may see a different scenario.

        1. “During this event the drones are cataloging faces, identifying vehicles and gathering intel.”

          Your premise is based on info that came from questionable sources. We’ve only heard about drones and satellite spying from people who are known to be in the business of instilling irrational fear into activists/dissidents.

  2. Thanks Wade, and of course he’s 100% right about that, because we all know how peaceful protesters are treated.

    If the militia wasn’t there they all would have been gassed.

  3. Thank you wade. I tried to get up there this weekend and couldn’t make it. It’s good we had someone that could make it.

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