4 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared

  1. So this video says these four patent holders died on the plane. Can you explain why none of them are listed on the passenger manifesto? Sounds like a bit of misinformation.

  2. Despite the fact that that flight manifests do not include the names of patent holders, this shabby propaganda piece completely discredits itself with a childish reference to the establishment version of the 911 attack on the Twin Towers. … Period.

  3. Dunno about civilian 777 jet a/c but, the .mil ones I worked on, we would safety wire the cannon plug (s) onto the boxes. Meaning, unless you have a tool that can cut the wire, you can not unscrew the damn cannon plug from the box. This was for vibration mainly, which is a little different than a car, however anyone can go buy CANNONPLUG and see it has holes in the connector ring for safety wiring it clockwise so it can not unscrew!

    For an FDC box to be removed, you would need wire cutters, or similar metal to to cut or weaken .20, .32, .42 wire. (been more than thirty years, but IIRC .32 on the FDC box.) The .20 you could probably snap if you can get leverage on it. Although there could also be more than one tied off on one cannon plug. In the Engine they do that, Tie All of them off.

    I bring this up cause I hear crap on the AM radio this morning about how the circuit breakers can be pulled to the FDC, and then following up with more crap TCTO’ish suggestions on how to make the box impossible to disable. I got to tell ya though, if the box is smoking, your going to want to get to the circuit breaker. If you can’t trust the pilot, then I ain’t sure what to tell ya. They keep saying it has a battery, I never saw such a battery. Maybe in the box. But then the FDC dont belong to elect, and instead would be com~nav or instruments. (any of ya out there?)

    I don’t know why anyone is listening to ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN on this crap.
    They know exactly where that jet is. Saying otherwise is a big fat lie.

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