The real threat of #CISPA to the American people

Resist 1776 – by molonlabe

In recent news, the dreaded CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) bill passed the house on April 18th 2013 in it’s second attempt to become law. The first attempt, April 2012, of the bill passed the house but not the senate. President Obama’s advisers have warned that the bill will violate natural rights ensure by the constitution for all Americans.  

The CISPA bill allows the government and it’s agencies to access internet data from internet service providers. The bill’s purpose is to “monitor internet usage for cyber security threats.” In the past 2 decades, many have warned that America’s next major attack will come from a cyber source. Attacks such as banking shutdowns and even public transit blackouts, including traffic lights and even power grids.

Many have argued that the bill’s real purpose is to further gather intelligence on American citizens and mostly activists. The government already does this but the CISPA bill would allow them to gather information on a massive scale, while keeping it simple and easy for them to do so. shows the following parties who voted for the bill both times:

Affiliation Yes votes No votes Did not vote
Democratic 42 140 8
Republican 206 28 7
Total 248 168 15


House vote on April 18, 2013 passing CISPA
Affiliation Yes votes No votes Did not vote
Democratic 92 98 11
Republican 196 29 6
Total 288 127 17

CISPA is supported by several trade groups containing more than eight hundred private companies, including the Business Software AllianceCTIA – The Wireless AssociationInformation Technology Industry CouncilInternet Security AllianceNational Cable & Telecommunications AssociationNational Defense Industrial AssociationTechAmerica and United States Chamber of Commerce, in addition to individual major telecommunications and information technology companies like AT&TIBMIntelOracle CorporationSymantec, and Verizon. [List provided from Wikipedia. org]

The bill ensures a real threat to freedom and must be stopped. Yesterday, participated in the national CISPA blackout, raising awareness of the cause and how dangerous the bill is.

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