8 thoughts on “The Truth About Government

  1. “They are raised to think that obedience is a virtue.”

    That’s a big part of what’s gotten us into this mess, blind obedience sans critical thinking.

    Love Larken Rose – he cuts through the bs and indoctrination to show the cows and sheep that they’re behaving like automatons. Left unsaid is the reality that if the cattle don’t wake up, they’ll unthinkingly be led to their slaughter. Moobaa.

  2. If we could hack tv and broadcast one message, this would be my personal choice.
    I am sick to death of all the boot licking, government worshipping, brain dead idiots believing we have to obey whatEVER edicts from on high tell us.
    The ONLY thing the psychopaths in government fear is the People having the willingness and means to resist them.

    This is NOT the “rule of law” I want my kids to grow old in.
    The Tree of Liberty needs watered, and soon.

  3. My sister was a teacher in the inner city in Chitcago……in our conversations she would be so angry about what the curricula was doing to the kids…..she went against the grain…..she spent much of the class time trying to teach her kids HOW TO THINK and for them to always QUESTION ‘AUTHORITY’…….eventually to save her sanity she quit…so sad as she was one of the few that really cared enough to try to save the kids from the machine

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