The US Bill of Rights – Those in Support and Those in Opposition

bill of rightsSince the 2008 economic collapse, while one small portion of our population has thrived and made record profits, the vast majority of we American people have been experiencing a constant slide into deprivation and poverty.  And what a job the mainstream propaganda machine has done in twisting the reality to make our hardships seem to be shared by the elite, as sure as their prosperity is being shared by the rest of us.

At what point do we, the American nationals, completely cut ties with what has become an illegitimate government?  Because it will take a clean break to facilitate a restitution of the Republic.  In short, we must identify and declare ourselves, while also identifying and declaring our enemies as such.   

As long as we allow ourselves to be lulled into discussion, nothing will change.  As all discussion, when broken down into its simplest components, amounts to wanton lies from our enemies being accepted as real possibilities by the naive, allowing the continuance of the status quo which is a degradation of our freedom down into the depths of slavery.

The elitist criminals are not going to stop the elitist criminals and those that serve them do so of a free will with the intent to preserve their own lives via the sacrifice of ours, completely blind to the reality of divide and conquer with the absolute destruction of all at the roots of the agenda.

To those who preach compromise, may you be the first to be compromised into a pit via a .40 cal hollow point to the back of your head.

What was the government for the united States for the Americas has been successfully subverted by the international socialists.  They have revealed themselves and their intent as a part of their pipe dream, wherein all their years of infiltration and internal disruption causes our people to simply acquiesce out of some unrealistic perceived need to have them dictate our lives.

The dividing line is no longer obscure in the smallest degree.  You either support the communists and their agenda, or you are an American who is about to lose everything to it.  There is no middle ground and those pretending there is and to be walking upon it, are not but the deepest cover shills who have been put in place to temper the absolutism with notions of alternatives.

This fight is straight up and when it is finished, all that do not face it as such are going to be brought to account.  In short and in the strongest of terms, you are either with us (the American nationals of the American race asserting our Bill of Rights as absolute) or you are agin us and with our enemy (intent upon infringements to our Bill of Rights in one degree or another).

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

24 thoughts on “The US Bill of Rights – Those in Support and Those in Opposition

  1. I agree whole-heartedly Henry, there is no “middle ground” when it comes to our Bill Of Rights. There is no reason for discussion. The Zionist international Banksters and their minions have whittled away at our Bill of Rights in small increments to make the infringements palatable enough for most to swallow, one bitter pill at a time. You are right Henry, it’s time to draw the line in the sand. There is no honor in compromise. For me, I’d rather die with honor than live without.

  2. Good job, Henry. That sums things up kind of nicely.

    Well there’s nothing “nice” about it, so let’s say it sums things up “succinctly”, but either way, the point is the same. I think a lot of people have remained “on the fence” with the hope for peaceful change, or in denial about close to the edge we actually are.

    I think that very soon it will become obvious, and undeniable. I hope Americans are ready for this. I hope I am.

  3. Well said Henry. And let us not forget, right to arms is number two on the list because it was easily agreed upon by all ratifying states as neccesary to keep the bankers and oligarchs at bay. If you give up the first two ammendments, you will not have the weapons necessary to preserve your rights to equality, liberty and freedom. If you believe that modern society does not require such barbaric tools to preserve, then you fail to realize that the game has never changed and are blind to the barbaric acts that have been committed by the war machine since the banker takeover of 1913. The current state is the culmination and end game of 100 years of advancing fascist socialist methodology. They have no intention of stopping now, and only respect force as they own the courts and are thus above the law.

    1. Agreed SamAdams, there is no court or election that will resolve anything. The only thing these people understand is force and when push comes to shove, they don’t know what a “hornet’s nest” they are poking at. As the Japanese general Yamamoto said after the Pearl Harbor attack, “We may have awakened a sleeping giant”. I believe the “tipping point” is at hand and once it starts, there’s no stopping it.

      1. We can at least take a stand against all new grants of monopolies & excessive priveledges, against any prostitution of our government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many. AJ 1833

  4. face it guys,its all ready over. we have lost there is no way we can defend against a hellfire missle from a drone.or from some of the other devastating weapons that the power that be has to use against us.all of us are to blame we should have done something along time all any of us can do is hope to survive whats coming.

    1. NO JOHN, we haven`t lost anythting . Hell John, we all haven`t even started fighting yet. Look at what you said John. You calling defeat John `cause if you are then you are the looser.

    2. Bullshit John, take your defeatist attitude over to the edge of the ditch, they will attend to you shortly thereafter or stand with us. It’s a simple choice, give up or fight for your freedom. In the meantime, keep your cowardly thoughts to yourself! Dammit you piss me off John. These incompetent boobs can’t even quell a bunch of “cave dwellers” in the Afgan countryside, how do you think they are going to quell the world’s most heavily armed people. Yes, they have the fancy toys and bigger bombs but the numbers they face are insurmountable.

    3. Yea, I’m with John. I’m eager to get that bullet in the back of my head and call it quits. NOT! What a douche.

    4. FU john! Get lost you spineless piece of crap. We don’t put up with your defeatist sh$# here.

      Well said Henry!

    5. This pathetic paid shill has been removed. Just goes to show you how afraid the enemy really is.

      1. I have been trying to watch my cocky bad attitude with those like this john guy. I do not even know what to call him because I am trying to be nice and clean – if ya know what I mean buddy, I have been trying real hard to be nice here with some of those like john, ya know, and I think that I was nice with john 🙂 . John has a lot to learn apparently. Thanks Henry because I was about ready to blow a nut on him and get myself in trouble, and I do not want that to happen bro. 🙂

  5. I totally agree with this article in every sense. So much so, that back in 2009 I put into writing and declared my position. After sending this declaration to all parties infringing upon my God given rights, I received nothing in reply but a deafening silence. One for which I’m certain applied my name to several red lists. I don’t give a shit anymore though.

    I do not yield. I shall never surrender my rights. I am an American, born free under God which created every last one of us in his image and granted by his grace unalienable rights. I would rather die fighting on my feet as a free man than to live one additional second on my knees in subservience and submission to the likes of these filthy, lying, demonic swine usurpers. There is no middle ground in this issue.

  6. American nationals have reached the end of the compromise line.
    We’ve voted
    We’ve rallied
    We’ve called ‘representatives’
    We’ve waved signs and banners
    We’ve been arrested

    We’re out of peaceful options.

    It’s very much time to water the tree of liberty.


  7. What they do is make the American people feel that they are the only one who wants to fight against them and that the rest of America is with them. This is NOT true , look at all the guns people are buying (over 100 million since 2008) . We are not alone and is is getting close to the time for revolution . Look how they make people who stand up against the pig scum out as nut jobs , they are not, they are heros , stand up and die a hero . I to am proud to be on the list.

  8. Your wrong John. If the French resistance would have said the same thing you did things would have turned out much diffrent. It’s far from over and WE will win this because of one thing,the american will to be free.Their fancy toys are no match for the numbers we have,your wrong and should be ashamed for your comments.

  9. I understand Johns feelings. It is all overwhelming more so to the folk who have just woke up. But!! We haven’t lost yet…..not nearly so and the PTB know it and hope we remain docile for a little while longer while they nail down the coffin. Its getting late…the clock has but a few minutes left until midnight. If we are going to do the Cinderella come-back in the last few minutes then we truly need to get this ball rolling. Thats exactly what the PTB’s DONT want us to do…if we keep drawing lines …… will be all over with…

  10. John: the powers that be cannot win and will not win. Here is why:
    1. They are criminal psychopaths, in other words, insane. They only appear mighty, and in fact they are scared crapless. Proof: they are trying mightily to take our guns; if they weren’t scared they wouldn’t be trying do hard to do so.
    2. Since they are psychopaths, they must necessarily eat their own as well as us. They must (and have) sacrifice their own kids and whatever love they once had has turned cold. They have minions for sure, but at some point the cost of having these minions will rise dramatically, for them and the minions.
    3. They do not live in the real world, only their own ivory tower. If events go according to plan they can move on, but what if they fail to plan for a random event? You think they have all bases covered but they do not live in reality so they cannot have all bases covered ( you seem to credit them with WAAAYYY too much power and intellect!) Example of something they could not foresee: leaderless resistance through individualized non-compliance in any way, shape or form, such as refusal to eat GMO foods, homeschooling/unschooling, barter, non-conformity of all sorts, loving instead of hating, getting out of the system, etc. All the PTBs can foresee is collectivism…they truly believe us little people are incapable of acting individually.
    4. In the American Revolution only 3 percent fought the Brits and their Loyalist minions and Hessians. I’d say well over 3 percent would be willing to fight the criminal psychopathic elites right now, and that number will only increase…and don’t forget, when the going gets tough, the elites will say screw it and retire to their luxurious islands and leave the fighting to folks who they can’t pay enough (or drones…if they are thinking a Terminator scenario I have an EMP attack I can sell someone…just kidding).
    5. Something like 60 to 70 percent of Americans own guns, and, thanks to the fact that 75 percent of 29 Palms military folks taking a survey in the 90s said they would not fire on Americans when ordered to do so, they elites know they must bring in foreign troops/mercs to fight their battle for them. I don’t know anyone with a gun who wouldn’t think twice about using it on some foreigner trying to oppress us.
    6. John, they are all about smoke and mirrors, but if you let them oppress you then it is your fault. You yourself can be the liberator you are looking for!

  11. WITH.

    btw john, be sure to get a window seat on the FEMA bus.

    It’ll be the last you’ll see of this world before they exterminate your cowardly @ss.

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