10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – July 8, 2022

  1. That’s right Henry! You tell ’em. Merica is a melting pot! It always has been and always will be!

    1. No, Biffy, I did not say America is a melting pot, in fact that would be an oxymoron, you know, like you are a moron, to the very idea of the individual free sovereign national.
      What unites us is that Bill of Rights. That is our freedom and liberty, and when it is threatened all other bitches and bickering are set aside and we come together as the unorganized militia we are and we bitch stomp the mother f-kers who think they can take it from us. And of course the spineless gutless scum who would attempt to subjugate us are going to try to divide us as a people. It is called two dimensional thought. It doesn’t seem you are capable of that.
      Pretty f-king goofy for your first and only comment you will ever make on From the Trenches.

    2. No it won’t and anyone who came here unlawfully will be removed. I see even the common guy who doesn’t pay attention saying what’s up with all the foreigners here?

  2. It was wonderful to hear the 41 year-old caller going on about how awesome our 9th Article is.

    And Misty with “It’s checkmate!!” Perfect!!

    And Henry: “There’s no authority that can change this: EVER!!”

    What more can we ask for?!!

    Oh yeah, we have to enforce it. That’d be we. Us. None other.


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