3 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 4-6-23

  1. Henry you & your family have Fearlessly defended our Bill of Rights from the get go & have spread the words of Truth with your Knowledge Far & Wide across many nations with Great results. I say let the card carrying schmucks keep schlepping it through life because their minds can only absorb what their tuchas can endure. oy oy !! The cards will only help in identifying them.

  2. Thanks, Henry. When you mentioned The Volstead Act, I had to look it up to refresh my memory. Oh yes, good ole’ prohibition — it held for over a decade when a pissed off populace overturned the tables. So many tables to overturn today, and we shall.

    But thanks mostly for introducing me to the “Signing Under Duress” stance. I can hardly think of ANYTHING I’ve ever signed where I’d have liked to have been aware of that strategy. It’s like a way out, but still, they have so many maneuvers. But so do we. (grin)


    1. Hi Galen, I once had to sign something and told the lady wanting me to sign, that I don’t agree with whats written but I would like to sign for the record. She said just write under duress, so I did. That was back in the 80s. Everyone was’nt a commie back then.

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