13 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 4-7-23

      1. Thanks, Hal. I never heard a guitar sound more like a chicken than that guitar. Amazing!! And the sax did a great job, too.



  1. I’m forking the soil to loosen the tap roots and the crab grass in exchange for carrots, as I think about what I learned about common law this weekend. The origins of the American Bill of Rights came out of England and Ireland. The writers of its 10 Articles were able to articulate rights in such a way that the forces they had been fighting against in their common law nations were put in check. Article 9 and Article 2. Check Mate!

    1. “The origins of the American Bill of Rights came out of England and Ireland.”
      No it did not. It came directly from the Anti-Federalist Papers. The articles were constructed by Americans in order to check each and every port to tyranny. With the 9th and 10th article to create the checkmate. It was built for The American Nationals to be our autonomy and to guaranty our liberty and freedom. No others in any part of the world are going to take credit for it. Read the Anti-Federalist Papers, then give us our Bill of Rights back and reach out to England and Ireland for freedom and liberty. A rotten potato and a sward in your back. I like you Dianna, but that was an insult. Read the Anti-Federalist Papers, then lay the Bill of Rights down beside it, then try to tell me I’m wrong.

  2. You are my rock of correction, Henry. I should have said that the English and the Irish have their own history of common law, but to get to the check mate, they should look to the American Bill of Rights. Same with Canada. They say our freedom laws are based on the American Bill of Rights. For people looking to be sovereign, the only law ever written for that purpose, with everything the others missed, is the Bill of Rights. I apologize, I learned, and I deserve the rotten potato and sword in the back.

    I am on the hunt for the knowledge the Anti-Federalist Papers will provide. I will learn!

    1. Very well done. You don’t mess around! Kudos on your quick read and your understanding. I am no longer insulted. 🙂

      1. Although I haven’t read all 260 pages yet, I have read the first 3 essays and the last 2 . There are 80 more to cover. The Anti-Federalist Papers. Worth far more than their weight in gold!

  3. My experience in reading through the essays of the 85 Anti-Federalists removes me completely from any notion that these ingenious men were anyone other than genuine, original Americans. I owe each and every one of them a heart felt apology as well. WTF was I thinking?! I had no choice but to eat that rotten potato.

  4. Never heard of this Henry the Anti-Federalist Papers. Thank you for exposing that gov was already being bought out!!! Brother Ken

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