The Word From the Trenches – September 1, 2022

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3 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 1, 2022

  1. Okay, I dove in, I listened to The Idiot-in-Chief. I endured. So much worse than I anticipated.


    He actually and unashamedly stole the resistance rhetoric as if it was his own. Said American people are “the guardians of the flame of liberty.” Said it’s we who’ll keep America “prosperous, free, and just.” You bet we will Joe, soon as we move you and your cronies out of the way.

    Gave two thumbs up to LBGT: “Love who you want to love.”

    Pounded Trump and Maga, said they stole the election. Said they’re extremely “dangerous” to our “democracy” and are advocating VIOLENCE.

    Said “Violence can never be a political tool.” Guess he forgot how this country was got. Forgot? No. He’ll hide that fact at every turn.

    Says “you can’t be pro-American and at the same time be an insurrectionist.” Sure Joe, we’ll just stand by while you disregard our rights and sell out our country.

    About 15 minutes in hecklers show up. Hooray. Couldn’t hear what they were shouting but it went on throughout the second half of his speech, uh, I mean the speech of his script-writers.

    Ended by telling us we’re the beacon of light for the world and to keep it burning we have to go out and VOTE!!

    HOLY MOLEY, can you imagine just one Trencher debating him? Total take-down.

    And now I’m sure he’s somewhere eating luxurious gourmet food and sipping 100 yr old wine from the south of France. He did his work for struggling America, all of the 17 minutes of so, and now back to his real life among the rich and deceptive.

    The REAL America knows the score and is so very ready to take back what belongs to its people.


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