The Zio-Communist Plot Continues

As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, the whole episode is being summarily dismissed as a failed mission, with only one brigade of Afghan troops reportedly prepared to give a go at providing the country’s defense, which will probably come down to defending the poppy fields and the US puppet government for as long as possible.

This has been the longest war in US history with 12 years of fighting, 1.2 trillion in US taxpayer dollars, 2,173 US service members KIA, and more than 17,000 wounded, many of which the US taxpayer will have to take care of for the rest of their lives as they were defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the foreign country of Afghanistan.

The whole Afghan War is a con and a fraud by definition, but will any of the perpetrators of this crime be brought to justice?  And can Afghanistan really be called a failed mission when its true objectives have been accomplished verbatim, which were to reestablish maximum opium production and procure maximum profits for the industrial war complex contractors, who have become international barons as a result of the wealth they have procured?

Where is the outrage?  These international criminals have we Americans so entranced with just simply surviving to the next crisis that we are not taking the time to examine what has happened in Afghanistan and who has profited from the death and destruction.

Last week US troops and missiles were moved into Turkey in preparation for the spring invasion of Syria and Iran, which Israel’s King Netanyahu has ordered to be undertaken by the US slave population that he and his Zionist cohorts believe they can rule over with an iron fist.

We Americans need to realize that this Israeli control of US foreign policy is every bit a violation of the laws of our Republic as the communist push to disarm us.  In fact, the totalitarian attack on our Constitution and Bill of Rights can be directly attributed to the globalist plans for the one world zio-communist order.

We the people of the United States are the lynchpin as our actions will dictate whether the new world order plan for global domination will succeed or fail.  There can be no mistake in that every human life sets in the balance.

I can imagine our founding fathers sternly looking down on us and saying, “If you waver, you fail and everything we fought and died for is lost.”  We must steady ourselves and stand true in absolutely refusing any further encroachment upon our freedoms, be they through direct attacks on our Bill of Rights or further sacrifice of our people to the Zionist’s foreign wars.

It has become obvious that the highest echelons of our military are infiltrated, which leaves the final solution to we the people.  In reality there is no choice, knowing that if the zio-communists had their way, they would be killing us right now for simply talking about our unalienable rights.

God give us the strength to fight the final round.

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