THESE are the Issues with Policing — NOT Systemic Racism

The David Knight Show

April 21st, 2021.

1,127 people were killed by the police last year. Only 1/5 were committing a violent crime. A look at how/why non-violent people are killed. Biden, Kamala, AOC “don’t feel resolved” and don’t want to fix the problem, they want a race war.

One thought on “THESE are the Issues with Policing — NOT Systemic Racism

  1. This Black VS White VS Brown VS yellow etc. is on purpose , creating generational and racial wars to cover up the systemic institutional failures of this government
    no policy will change this .. they dont want it to change anyways .. this is what they point their fingers at when they want cover for their own evil doings … its all a distraction
    and the intent is to keep us fighting among ourselves , so we aren’t putting all that energy upon fighting them as one

    destroy any possible unity

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