1. they have no idea of the zone they just blindly wandered into ..my little 110# 5′-3″ daughter would have that pig begging for his life if she found his ass in a woman’s bathroom while her daughter is with her . And just to be clear , I better not see it either , Ill gladly take the felony … better hope he’s already had bottom surgery because if not ..its going to go flying across the room

  2. Well hopefully you’re not stupid enough to pull that garbage anywhere in far west Texas (even artsy-fartsy Marfa wouldn’t put up with it)…you will not survive that one…well, maybe in El Paso… uh, likely not… those Juarez-backed local street gangs (which I had to deal with in the mid-90s at a gangland HS there) maybe just don’t approve of your kind of satanic garbage….they may be criminals but at least they’re actual men…and have kids if you know what I mean.

    Oh, Mr.-Mrs.-whatever tranny troon whatever, if you come out here, watch out for mountain lions…they don’t handle transgenderism very well (which may be one reason a property-owning trans-couple from East Texas hardly ever comes out here)…Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

    1. Makes me wonder, “Do Troons get periods?
      Do you understand “… You’ve just crossed a line?, PERIOD
      Do you understand “… Insert your own here

      You know, tampons are not just for Females, they can be used by Troons too. They make excellent oral suppositories / noise mufflers.

  3. I used to sell guns years ago …. THIS is the kind of freak that we did NOT sell a fire arm to in the first place ….. He is obviously NOT mentaly stable …. WE ran them OUT of the store …. 200 years ago they knew not to give weapons to freaks like this …. ONLY recently have freaks like this been able to obtain firearms …. ANYONE with ANY sense and morality at all is NOT going sell or give them fire arms or any other kind of weapon ….

  4. They can’t reproduce their kind. They can’t bear their own children because it is impossible. If we don’t give them our children, these self-mutilating, trans-gender faggots will come after us? With guns?! Because we’re normal and they’re not?! It would be really fascinating to see how that would go down in the real world. I can’t see it turning out well for them.

    When it comes to using our bathrooms, how do they pee? Sitting down, or standing up? It must depend on which bathroom they are using. I’m confused…..

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