This 10-Step Guide To Surviving The Smog In China Is So Depressing

Business Insider – by JOE WEISENTHAL

We’ve been writing a lot about the record levels of smog in Shanghai lately.

Thanks to a combination of weather and other factors it’s gotten to levels that are genuinely hazardous to health.

So how do you survive it? Chinese state broadcaster CCTV put together this infographic with 10 ways to beat the smog, and it shows how miserable it all is.  

Among the suggestions:

  • Always wear a mask
  • Don’t be in groups
  • Exercise in the dark or indoors
  • Don’t wear contacts
  • Wash all your skin and any exposed nasal cavities after being outside
  • Smile and keep a positive attitude!



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4 thoughts on “This 10-Step Guide To Surviving The Smog In China Is So Depressing

  1. “8. Drink more water and teas, such as arhat fruit teas”

    Hahaha!! That’s funny because when I was living and teaching in China, their solution for every kind of sickness was “Drink more water”. For example:

    “I am dizzy.”

    Solution: “Drink more water.”

    “My leg hurts.”

    Solution: “Drink more water.”

    “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

    Solution: “Drink more water.”

    “I just swallowed something poisonous.”

    Solution: “Drink more water.”

    “There’s blood coming out my leg.”

    Solution: “Drink more water.”

    As a matter of fact, it was always a big joke between us expatriate colleagues all the time.

    Actually, here’s a true story in Wuhan, China. (Probably coming to a socialist medical clinic near you, no thanks to Obamacare socializing all of the good doctors out of business)

    My colleague woke up one morning in a lot of pain in his leg. He looked at it and it was swollen and so bad that he could barely walk. He said, he thought some spider bit him during the night and thought nothing of it until the next morning. So we took him down to the clinic, down the road. This clinic was basically made up of doctors who had no clue as to how to do anything. It was almost like a shack and the guys wearing the doctor coats looked either really old farmers who never took a course in medicine in their lives or some young grads who are being mentored by them and didn’t know their left hand from their right.

    So after my wife and I took my friend to the clinic, we all spoke with the “supposed” doctor who looked at his leg, in which white phlegm and puss was coming out of his now bulging swollen, infected bubbly areas of his leg and said something to my wife in Chinese to which my wife translated. The doctor said, “Just don’t put any weight on your leg and (no lie) to EAT MORE VEGETABLES and drink lots of water”. My colleague and I just stood there looking at my wife and the doctor and my friend started yelling at the doctor saying, “My leg is swollen, with white stuff coming out of it and I am in so much pain that I can’t even walk or work, let alone get up out of bed and instead of giving me something, your best treatment and recommendation is to “eat more vegetables and drink more water” and you call yourselves doctors?” knowing very well that the doctors couldn’t understand what he was saying in English. My wife who just gave this embarrassing look and knew that what the “supposed” doctor said was bullshit looked at us with her back to the doctor and said, “Umm…yeah….I think we should just go to a real hospital because these guys are just farmers with coats who never really went to school but are here to try and help but don’t really know what to do nor do they want to admit that they don’t know what to do.”

    So afterwards, my colleague went to a bigger hospital with a Western doctor, who said that his leg was indeed infected and that he almost needed to be operated and if left untreated (with only the eat more vegetables solution), they would have had to amputate his leg. So the only other alternative was to get a few shots and real medicine and to not work and stay in bed for almost a month in a cast and crutches in order for it to fully heal. After a couple of weeks of doing just that, he fully healed again and all was back to normal.

    So…to all of you who love Obamacare, these little clinics, which will be more of what you will see in America as well and instead of being third world privately owned with incompetent people, they will be third world corporate owned with incompetent people who follow the corporate rules and regulations, which basically means they and the corporations don’t give a shit whether you live or die.

    Coming to a country near you……

    1. I would trust the chinese herbal medicine – not like the ones they took his collleague/freind – way before trusting any of the pharmaceutical plant/herbal extractions that they mix up and call modern day – take two and call me in the morning type – pharmaceutical medicine.

      1. I completely agree with you, Digs. However, in my friend’s case, it was far past herbal medicine and he needed something ASAP, as these “supposed” doctors were basically trying to treat a fatal bullet wound with carrots and vegetables. lol

        1. Yes NC, most anything you can get in any pharmacy you can get in nature. Most pharmaceuticals are originaly plant based to begin with. Nature is the biggest pharmacy in this world. Reminds me when they say “it is not nice to fool mother nature”.

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