This is at the Walmart in Jamestown ND

I went there to get printer ink. It is the last time I will ever enter a walmart EVER.

These shields are going up in other places besides Walmart

16 thoughts on “This is at the Walmart in Jamestown ND

  1. Herding the cattle in while they try n protect themselves behind bullet proof shields.
    I do wonder if they are bullet proof.
    Now it’s truly time to put WM out of business. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

    1. It’s not just at Wallmart. It is happening at grocery stores as well. No the glass is not bullet proof.

  2. Yep, my Walmart in Mckinney TX is the same way. Complete nanny store with stickers everywhere telling you how long 6 feet is. I just laughed and walked right under it all.

    Our country has turned into a modern day Bubble Boy. It’s insane. People really have lost their marbles over all of this.

      1. Here’s my speculation. They plan on making it 6 million ft. in the not to distant future. It’s a special # to a certain group.

        1. The number 6 is VERY USEFUL for the criminal psycho elites: 6 million (3 “holocausts” of Jews…1904, 1919, 1945…all 6 million), 666, 6 feet social distancing…when according to a medical expert I know when folks sneeze the droplets go 10 feet or more, not 6 feet…so the 6 feet thing is bogus as well. Always be aware when they use the number 6. And the Freemasonic 33…3+3=6. (okay, enough of the gematria… Bwahahahahahah!)

    1. Yeah, its happening across the country. Blocking off “non essential” items. Limiting how many people can be in the store. They want there to be lines like Soviet Russia.

  3. You haven’t seen anything yet. They’ve started to close hardware stores and I suspect it will lead to closing all stores except for pharmacies and grocery stores. They want there to be civil unrest so they can bring in the soldiers and arrest us. They want concentration camps. They want us all to wear masks. This is a psy-op so that we will be “happy and eager” to allow them to vaccinate us with microchipped vaccine that will allow them to track us from the cradle to the grave. Then there will be other vaccines that will speed up the grave part. Cheers!

    1. we know what ‘they’ want
      anyone who does not stand up to ‘they’, has bought into ‘their’ collectivism bull$hit and deserves everything that ‘they’ unleash. I am interested to know what people have done to thwart ‘their’ plans.
      I suspect way too many as is the case in my own family have done next to nothing (not a reference to Trenchers…we have been ahead of ‘them’ for a long time). While sitting under house arrest content to text each other and take orders from the television as ‘they’ continue to roll out ‘their’ plans of destruction.

      1. I had to go to Klamath Falls yesterday, a little personal business, and we needed to get a few groceries. They had the Walmart cut off to one way in and one way out and I guess only so many people allowed in the store at once. We walked right in as there was no line. I took a few counts and there were a lot of people in the store. I came up with 1 person with face masks and gloves for every 20 to 30 people without. Everyone was polite and I think there was only one thing we wanted that we couldn’t find.
        One lady on the juice aisle had an employee trying to reach her a jug of punch she wanted from the top shelf, but even standing on the bottom shelf could not reach it. When he went to go find a ladder, I asked the lady if she would like me to reach up and get her juice and I did with my bare hand. I reached it to her bare hand and she smiled at me and thanked me.
        The people wearing the masks and gloves straight up looked goofy. The rest of the folks gave them a glance of curiosity, shaking a head now and then.
        Upon departure there was not one but two Walmart blackwaters keeping a confined space to get out until the receipt was checked. I wished them a good day as I walked by and paid them no more mind. Laura said the dyke was standing there with her mouth agape, no doubt thinking “hey they can’t do that” but wisely she kept her mouth shut and we went on our way.
        Anyway, without threat, again I saw 1 in 20 – 30 complying. Next they will try to order us to do it and see how many will comply under threat. I get the feeling they are trying to gauge the people in different areas. Well they can put me down as a straight up “f-k you I will not comply”.

        1. Interesting, Henry, and the other comments as well. Will go to town tomorrow (because I have to…I hate leaving my mountain area!). Will check on what the situations are (stores, etc) in my far west Texas area with NO corona virus cases whatsoever. I suspect Henry there are none in your area either. I just want to see if folks are “social distancing” or not, or “shelter in place” or not. I also suspect most of the “lock down” nonsense is mainly in the larger towns and cities (only area in far west Texas with corona virus is El Paso, as would be expected. Also Permian Basin area, but that is not FAR west Texas, IMHO. Just west Texas.)

        2. That’s what’s really been getting on my nerves Henry, and you mentioned it the other day on the broadcast. Trumpy will get up there and give us suggestions, or say its voluntary, and then these little punk communist Governors will jump up and start mandating and giving orders. Here on the east coast our Walmart’s are pretty much the same. One way in/out. They have arrows on the ground, even in the aisles. They only want you traveling in one direction (herded like cattle). I think I read somewhere they only want around 20% capacity in the store. That’s so they can have their Soviet Russia lines outside for dramatic effect. Some of the Walmarts are making it so you can’t buy anything they consider to be “non essential”. So they are the ones who decide what you need to live. So if you go to get food and decide you want to grab something from the clothing section or electronics, (or maybe some ammo?) those sections are starting to be blocked off to people. We have a lot of supposed cases here in Pennsylvania, but I still don’t see a whole lot of people wearing masks or anything. Just going about their normal business. They look more pissed by the day that’s for sure.. I’m just waiting for the summer weather. I think that’s when people who are going along with it right now are going to snap.

  4. Exact same thing up here in small town Alberta. Plus our grocery store now has lines and arrows on the floor to direct you though the store. You now where else they have lines on the floor telling you where to go – Prison.

  5. Let me add another consideration regarding greencrow’s comment about closing hardware stores…NOW (if not having accomplished this years ago) is the time to learn the various time honored skills…car repair (are car repair places still open?), sewing (and men as well…sewing isn’t just for women!), plumbing/electric repairs, cooking outdoors, carpentry, and maybe the most important craft of all–BUSHCRAFT! You don’t have to be a click-speaking bushman to do this! Look up “bushcraft” on YouTube, etc.

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