Thousands of Las Vegas shooting victims will have to split an $800 million settlement. Now, 2 retired judges have to decide which victims deserve the most.

Time to pay off the witnesses and actors and make them sign NDA’s

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Just over two years ago, the deadliest mass shooting in US history left 58 people dead after a gunman sprayed bullets into a music festival crowd as he stood on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel. 

Beyond the astonishing death toll, those 10 minutes of gunfire left thousands more injured, traumatized, or grieving their loved ones. Last month, MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel where the shooting occurred, agreed to pay a settlement of up to $800 million to compensate those people.

USA Today reported Friday that two retired judges have now been given the gut-wrenching task of determining how much to grant each victim — in essence, assigning a value to each person’s injuries and trauma.

The former judges — one from Las Vegas and one from California — both work in mediation and were chosen by the victims’ attorneys, according to USA Today.

Though $800 million seems like an enormous settlement, some 4,500 people joined the lawsuit against MGM, and some will need far more money than others to cover extensive medical bills or compensate the family of someone who was killed.

The judges will most likely solve that dilemma by assigning some type of measurement system that assigns the highest values to people with the most severe, debilitating injuries, one of the attorneys representing the victims told USA Today.

“[I]t’s a sliding scale, people with more significant injuries, people who were shot or trampled, people who spent time in a hospital or maybe have ongoing care at home now,” Craig Eiland told USA Today. “Once these broad categories are set, my responsibility is to make sure we have all the information possible so the judges can make a financial judgment on each case based on things such as lost wages, medical bills, and summaries of care.”

With roughly 4,500 people vying for a limited pool of money, it’s unlikely that most will walk away satisfied. But another attorney representing other victims told the newspaper that the important thing was that MGM “stepped up” and settled, allowing victims to begin recovering.

“Some people will wish they got more, we always wish we were getting more,” Robert Eglet, a Las Vegas attorney, told USA Today.

14 thoughts on “Thousands of Las Vegas shooting victims will have to split an $800 million settlement. Now, 2 retired judges have to decide which victims deserve the most.

  1. The judges take a 5% rake right? The bullshit just gets piled higher and higher that eventually were looking at something akin to the marianas trench..

  2. Go over to the Yahoo page; 100% acceptance this is real (save my comments). 100%. NOT ONE PERSON QUESTIONING A SINGLE ASPECT.

    And THAT is why this country is lost. Enjoy what you have. It’s only a steepening downhill slope from here.

    1. So… this country is lost because of the retarded f$&ks that post on sh#thole MSM sites like Yahoo???
      You’re f$&king KIDDING, right?????

      Got news for ya… this country is in SERIOUS need of a gene pool cleansing, and what you see posting at Yahoo are PRIME CANDIDATES. There are MORE than enough of us un’programmed’ nationals out there to do the job, the terminally stupid will NOT survive the coming sh#tstorm.

      Take that DEFEATIST BULLSH#T, and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    2. What would you expect from anyone who would comment on Yahoo News?
      Any site where the commenters who say they are going to f-king fight and shut this shit down are artificially being kept from removing Yahoo as any kind of credible source.
      There are some going downhill, but before they reach the bottom they are looking for, they are going to hit the blade of a D-9 cat. There is a line and many have already reached it, but there are plenty of guns and ammo for the rest that WILL be forced to face reality. They move through incrementalism, hence the equal and opposite effect will be incremental, but just to a point. The enemy will increase the tyranny, and as they do and to the same degree, more people will understand what is at stake.
      What is but a brush fire right now, will accelerate rapidly. At a certain point, which we have to be very close to, anyone just speaking of this blatantly false reality will be shunned as dimwitted and then this thing is going to erupt into a firenado.
      The 14th Amendment and slavery or the Bill of Rights and freedom and liberty. I guess maybe I can only speak for myself, but I see the numbers, both on this site and out in the public. I will not be a f-king slave and I will fight like a demon out of hell to make sure my children and grandchildren are not either.
      I will not listen to defeatism because it is not real. They have complete control of the net and anywhere else but here they can easily create any illusion they want.

      1. Well, gee whiz, gang. Sorry I posted there to try to wade into – yes – a retarded gene pool – and throw a dose of salts – and truth – into their faces. Sadly, THAT is what about 95% of the US population consists of, in case you haven’t noticed?

        So why don’t YOU warriors post there? Try to wake up one or 2 sheep, at least? Or at least question crowd-thought?

        FYI? I’m going to take the fight WHEREVER I CAN. I’m not going to hide here on a site where all 12 posters agree.


        1. Our stuff gets posted there all the time by others who do it for us. They leave links from our stuff. I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it.

        2. Tell you what, buddy, I wasn’t there. I don’t know who or did not get shot, or if anybody got shot.
          We reported what was coming out from individuals via youtube. Guess what? I wasn’t at Sandy Hook. I wasn’t at the Boston Marathon. I wasn’t at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.
          And if you think this site insignificant, why are you here?
          I will not listen to defeatism. I do not live on the site, but by God, this site is truth. It is the only f-king site that is the whole truth. This site has given to our people the explanation as to what the problem is and the answer as to what the solution is.
          So why don’t you just do this. Go off to whatever site you want and preach your defeatism.
          I don’t know what your problem is but you will not attack this f-king site. We are the only ones defending the Bill of Rights and spreading its meaning to the people who will take this country back.
          You are done here.

  3. The only thing I can say about this one is that it appears to have been one of the very few legitimate shootings (insofar as people actually getting shot & killed, NOT the ‘official’ narrative that Paddock was the shooter).

    1. The ‘defeatist attitude’ is in those that have accepted ANYTHING about this false flag. Sorry.

      FYI? Several alt-news site that stayed there for weeks (and were banned from the Press Conferences) questioned hospital staff, and not ONE, SINGLE GSW was reported nor treated by ANY hospital in the area.

      That security guard who was shot? That ER Clinic he claimed treated him has NO equipment in their facility to deal with GSW

      Most of that video you hear? DO YOU EVEN KNOW that’s a 7.62 belt-fed weapon (took me all of about 2 seconds to identify it)? The ONLY 5.56 casings found were in town, where hotel fronts had been shot up to keep people inside so they didn’t see whatever wasn’t suppoed to be seen.

      Ever watch the shot-from-a-distance 2 part vid, 45 minutes each, of the FBI teams walking the ‘killing field’? Happen to notice there is not ONE, SINGLE MARK of a round hitting, anywhere, on anything – save for the 2 ‘live’ round marks on the side of the storage tank across the way? That’s it. 2.

      Are you aware the police chief removed the public coroner and replaced him with someone under him so that he could lock down the mortuary and keep everyone out? A TINY facility – where 58 people were supposedly stored?

      Are you aware that NOT ONE ‘VICTIM’ claimed in this ‘shooting’ could be traced back to an actual, real, human being with a past? A lot of researchers couldn’t make a connection to one, single person.

      The ONLY deaths anyone ever confirmed were the 5 or so people who began connecting on Fakebook to discuss seeing no one shot, and that they saw others running around inside the venue with guns?

      All 5 died immediately of auto accidents – in sight of their homes – and another ‘passed away in her sleep’.

      Sorry, I don’t hide on ONE site where all 12 people agree. I take the fight to MSM sheep, retards, and frightened people.

      1. “Are you aware that NOT ONE ‘VICTIM’ claimed in this ‘shooting’ could be traced back to an actual, real, human being with a past? A lot of researchers couldn’t make a connection to one, single person.”

        Yes, we know all about it, we wrote numerous articles about it years ago, your preaching to the choir.

        1. Enter “Las Vegas shooting” in the right margin in the search box, you’ll find hundreds of articles that were written personally by us and others that were just posted.

          You seem to think that there are only 12 people involved with this site. I tell you what, if you think that then you are a brain dead moron.

          If you think that this site is a waste of your time, then what the hell are you doing here? Saddle up and get with the program jack or get the FK out?,got it?

          Go back to your shit hole and talk your shit there, not here.

      2. Do you not understand PLAIN ENGLISH?

        “… it appears to have been one of the very few legitimate shootings…”

        APPEARS. Meaning I’ve never committed one way or another.

        That’s NOT where you f$&ked up, however. To wit:

        “And THAT is why this country is lost.”

        I would have left your comment completely alone if not for THAT piece of trash… you don’t come to THIS SITE talking that ‘this country is lost’ BULLSH#T, UNLESS YOU HAVE HARD F$&KING IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE OF IT BEING TRUE!

        GOT PROOF?????


        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

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