Three Power Substations Attacked In Washington State On Christmas Day

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Increased sabotage incidents on the US power grid are very concerning. On Christmas Day, three substation facilities were vandalized in Pierce County, Washington, plunging thousands of customers into total darkness, according to ABC News

Two of the power substations were operated by Tacoma Public Utilities and one by Puget Sound Energy. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said all three were attacked, but there are no “motives or if this was a coordinated attack on the power systems.”

The sheriff’s office said nothing was stolen from the substations, while equipment was only vandalized. There was no mention of what devices were damaged or the tool to inflict damage.

Unfortunately, the impacts to our system from today’s deliberate damage are more severe in some places than initial testing indicated. Some customers will be restored closer to 8 AM tomorrow,” Tacoma Public Utilities wrote in a statement on Sunday.

The Tacoma substation attacks follow “deliberate attacks” on two power substations in North Carolina early this month. Duke Energy personnel found bullet holes in transformers.

We’ve asked the question of who is intentionally sabotaging the US power grid. In the first eight months of the year, there were 106 attacks on the electrical grid, the highest number ever recorded in a single year.

5 thoughts on “Three Power Substations Attacked In Washington State On Christmas Day

  1. This is how you know the state is behind it. They won’t suffer at all from any “sabotage” but the People will and they will aggressively persecute/prosecute any dissidents under the guise of “protection”.

    Reminds me of the IRA supposedly killing Irish nationals to garner support for the cause and their sovereignty. It was mi5/mi6 committing the terrorist activities against the Irish People and claiming the IRA did it. What self respecting freedom fighter would kill their own to gain support? They had no media to represent the Irish People and it was a twofer for the zio brit regime by killing Irish and weakening support for those calling out the crown.

    1. Thank you, Martist. Really good breaking down. Helped my understand that demonizing of the IRA. That’s just the way the orchestrators work. They want people to see in black and white and avoid all shades in between. Healthy eyes see many shades and are not easily fooled.


  2. Something stinks to high heaven!! This is a new fear inductor… OOOHHOOO lose the power oooo scary!! No I Phone JESUS GOD!!!!!! No CNN!!!! OF FCK!!!!!!

  3. Vandalism shuts down power to western Wa. power grid!! There is the proper Head line!! FBI and CIA were there an hour before the incident occured! Explosive devices were found and the scene is being investigated….

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