Three things to know in the event of martial law or invasion

Resist 1776 – by Greg Carithers

Three things we should know in the event of home invasions during possible government takeover (Marshal Law) or Economic Collapse such as the one that is knocking at our door right now.

1. The first thing and one of the most important things – DO NOT TO PANIC. Panic serves two things. First it is a tool used to catch you off guard so that you are not where you should be and the other is meant to instills in us a since of false hope. I put this first on the list because it is the first offensive push, be it civilian or military; that they will attempt to try.  

Let me give an example of a push for panic by our Government right now. I speak of course of Gun Control. There is a reason that Biden went on National TV and announced the Government’s intention for Gun control and possible confiscation. It wasn’t about the guns; it was never about the guns. It was about the ammunition. While everyone scrambled in PANIC MODE to buy up all of the guns they could possibly have, the government was working in the back ground buying up all of the powder, casings, and overall materials to make ammunition. Now when I want to purchase ammo for my AK47 I have to buy it one box of 20 rounds at a time. The same goes for most other rounds as well. You may be able to get them off of the internet but you have to remember that Big Brother is watching. And by the way, those stock piles are slowly drying up as well.

I didn’t tell this story to get everyone to go out and start buying ammo. That is a choice you have to make and falls into your belief system. I told the story to show how Panic can be made to work against you in ways you would not realize until it’s too late. I’m a practicing believer and do participate in my 2nd amendment rights. I have all of the fire arms needed and as soon as the firearm frenzy started. I purchased ammo and have built my stock to the recommended amount. These specifics can be covered in another letter if the readers decide they want me back.

Panic is the mind killer someone said to me in the military. It makes you jump before you think, it makes you scream before you realize you have given away your position, it endangers your family before you realize you have stepped one way or another leaving them unprotected. Learning not to Panic is a difficult thing to do. It’s a matter of being able to put all noises, actions and everything else aside in order to stick to the plan. A plan is a good plan as long as everyone is on the same page, there is a fall back place to co-inside and of course NO ONE PANICS. One of the best ways to learn not to panic is to practice all kinds of scenario’s indoors and outdoors while on camping trips and such.

2. The second thing is ORGANIZATION. We must be pre-organized. When we hear that that the gangs are down the street looting houses, or that the Socialist Government is knocking down doors, we have to be prepared in such a way as to give them something but not the things we need to survive. What we will not give up is our water supply, our food supply and our firearms. Find a place to hide the firearms. There are several hide away tubes on the internet that are water proof that can be purchased at a decent price. They are placed in the ground long ways down so that a simple flower pot can cover the top with a little soil. Good for firearms, dried food, etc. Many other ways are possible such as simply digging in the middle of a very large bush, lining it with plastic and then covering it with dirt and plants.

This is where we start treating the gangs and the Government differently.

We will start with the gangs. There is a saying. A person is a kind gentle soul, willing to help, trust worthy and good. People are viscous cruel, have no thought for human life and lose all control of themselves when in a group, gang, and mob. To handle this kind of situation it would be necessary to camouflage your home to start with. How do we do this? Make the house looks like it has already been ransacked. Throw old clothes in the yard along with old computer parts that can’t be of use any longer, One of the five TV’s you have in the house, cheap food scattered around the yard, etc. If it looks like the gangs are not going to get too far with your house, they will most likely move on. It is still required to hold guard in your house and I will discuss this in another letter if requested. If a life has to be taken, the reaction is different that with a Government agent.

Now for the intrusion a Socialist Government group. The trick here would start off like the beginning of the above written. Hide your firearms, ammo, anything that can be looked upon as stock piling etc. A Socialist Government is against stock piles of food and water. They are Big Government and want total control of their people. The best way to do that is make is so people are dependent on the Government for life sustaining goods. As FYI – Farmers are paid over 10.6 million dollars in this country NOT to farm. Why? So that the Government can have more control over food and prices.

Once your survival things are well hidden, turn on the lights on the front porch, have the door open if you have a second door, and welcome them in. You want to be irritated a little but not afraid to let them in if they want to come in. You are a law abiding citizen. You have full trust in your Government, you have nothing to hide. Keep a single shot 410, a Shot gun for hunting and maybe a 22 pistol or two in the house for them to find because too clean is a red flag as well. Watch your ammo. Don’t forget about the ammo. If you have a 410, a 12 g for hunting a 22 pistol and a 9mm for CCW. You really don’t want them to see the 1000 rounds of 223 or 7.62’s and the case of 12g wad cutters may be a giveaway.

Organization is a huge Key to survival. If you have things hidden and can’t get to them right away, stay hidden or work smart to gather those things first make sure you – DON’T PANIC and then you remain ORGANIZED to your plan. Two way radios are perfect. Short distance and can be used to communicate with members of the group. (Remember when it comes to the use of radios. Every time to Key the mike on a radio, someone especially in the military can get closer to point your position. We can talk about proper use of radios if you have been back.

3. Try to have your NETWORK OF PEOPLE around you that you trust. A phone call from someone who is five minutes away saying “they are headed your way” could be a life saver. In a bad situation, five minutes could mean the difference between freedom and living in a Fema camp. Myself, I will be hiking to a pre-determined area to meet up with others that believe as I do before I let my family sit behind a fence in a Fema camp.

This is where you should be setting up your trusted groups or militia type of group. I bring this up now because of the above listed. If the Socialist Government is knocking on your door, that is the hint to load up and start grouping with your mates. At this point in the game there is no longer a United States of America. We would be living in a United Socialist States of America.  For those of you that believe different or believe it would not be so bad, I pray for you and hope your life is as you wish it to be. Myself, I have traveled the world and have seen the Government in action. I want no part of them. Finding your group now, forming militia type of entity and learning, training, teaching each other is the key to survival. I always say – Power in numbers. This is true to a certain extent. But look at it this way. 100 people standing in the street with a bunch of sticks can be pretty powerful. But imagine 100 people who have studied urban warfare armed with everything from 12 gauge shot guns to AR 15’s and AK47’s. That is true power in numbers. No one is out to cause harm but makes it very clear that self-defense is priority.

This is where your training maybe once a month with each other is priceless. Your Network of People or Militia has to start training. Let’s say for example, you all decide to hike north toward the mountains. You find what seems to be an old house and would like to stay and rest for a day or so. First you need to take the house. A 2000 square foot house should be cleared for safety in less than 12 seconds. This without shooting one another but watching each others back. Then a perimeter has to be built quickly fast and in a hurry. Either with fencing, farm equipment, digging fox holes, sand bags, etc. People are selected to hold watch and everyone takes a turn. Etc. How can this take place so fast? With a Network of people (a militia) who is ORGANIZED, practiced, trained and do not PANIC every time the wind blows. You may be able to drive a ways but hiking will be involved so exercise those back and legs.

I live in North West Florida and unable to Find a Militia Group to Join. So I depend on my Family and a few friends. My family consists of my 11 year old son. 16 year old daughter, my wife and I. We practice tactics when hiking in the mountains whenever we get a chance. My son Carries a 9mm carbine, My daughter carries a 9mm carbine and a Cross bow, My wife caries a 40caliber Carbine and a 45 colt and I carry an AK 47 with a 12 gauge on my back, a 40 cal Glock, a 380 around my ankle and a 40 caliber carbine. We practice concealment, short commands, jungle warfare, urban tactics, hand to hand tactics, etc. And by the way. My daughter is an expert shot with her rifle as well with the Cross Bow. You Ask – Cross Bow? An arrow will penetrate a sand bag bunker when a bullet can’t. Used widely in WW2



4 thoughts on “Three things to know in the event of martial law or invasion

  1. If we have Martial Law or an invasion, we will be on our own. You cannot trust people around you or your ?? friends. Be able to stand on your own.

  2. Do you encounter other hikers during tactical training in the mountains of Florida? What is their reaction?

  3. I appreciate the info…however, aren’t you giving away toooooo much information. I mean, aren’t you worried about “big brother” finding out what you have and what your plans are? We all know they listen in and read everything in correspondence.
    You are right about not panicking. They are Trying to provoke us. Their comments alone are highly provocative. The most important thing is to keep your cool. The way the military police are being trained, just the wrong look is enough for them to shoot to kill.
    Oh well, the silver lining is this…once they are done with us, they will turn on each other. There can only be ONE.

    1. Hi, This is the webmaster of Mr. Carithers has no fear. We should exercise our right to free speech while we still have it. Educating and speaking out is key to teach people what to do in these situations.

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