Timelines of Civilization Are Off by 2500 Years

Oct 21, 2020
Timelines for our civilization are off at least 2500 years. The Kingdom of Ghana controlling trade routes across Northern Africa to the Red Sea in an era with “no water” according to mainstream academia. Lakes and ricers flowed across Africa al little as 500 years ago, meaning the 3000 years as desert condition is off substantially. More importantly is how fast do these continental changes occur turning desert into a growing zone for grain crops.

6 thoughts on “Timelines of Civilization Are Off by 2500 Years

  1. The water moving across the continent is from pole reversal.
    This guy is regurgitating if not ripping straight from Doug Vogt, especially the run off of the continental shelf.


    @ 3:45
    Most likely during one of the previous reversals, northern africa caught the solar nova dust shell.

    I do agree with there being much advanced technology in the past.
    And human presence for millions and millions of years.

    1. Thank you flek! I will be watching his videos. I love this stuff 🙂
      Do you know anything about the Tartarian empire? If so, references would be much appreciated.

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