Today’s Patriots are Counter-Revolutionaries

WND – by Patrice Lewis

It may come as a surprise to many people, but America is in the midst of a revolution.

It’s not the revolution you might think. Patriots are not fighting enemies in the street. The Minutemen are not assembling in the green, ready to defend against redcoats.

No, it isn’t the patriots who are fighting a revolution. It’s the progressives who have been fomenting the revolt. And, until recently, they were winning.  

Quite simply, they are fighting a revolution against the Constitution.

Think about it. The progressives object to just about everything in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Small government, strong gun rights, individual freedom, states’ rights, no unwarranted search or seizure, no quartering law enforcement officers in one’s private home … all these constitutionally guaranteed rights have been under fire by people who don’t like and don’t want the liberties set forth in the founding documents.

So, many decades ago, they decided to slowly but inexorably disassemble our nation’s foundation.

This revolution went unchallenged because it was so gradual as to be almost unnoticed. Old people who knew the real history of America’s beginnings died off, and young people were never educated about their birthright. The progressive media cherry-picked or created news stories to show the “evils” of free-market capitalism and individual liberty, and the despicable nature of moral constraint. This constant erosion of decency bore fruit.

Smugly, the progressives didn’t think anything could challenge their agenda. After all, they had control of the schools, the political machine and the press. What could possibly go wrong? A few more unchallenged years and that pesky Second Amendment would be neutered, and after that every other amendment would fall by the wayside for lack of defense. Then the march toward Marxism would be complete.

It would have been a bloodless coup … except for one thing.

The Internet.

The Internet has been the greatest boon for freedom of speech since the invention of the printing press.

In the past, nearly all official news was channeled through the mainstream media. Citizens were captive to whatever progressive slant newspapers and television stations chose to impart. It got to the point where most people were held hostage to the liberal opinion because there were few effective avenues to combat the propaganda the mainstream media fed us. The unholy alliance of liberal media and progressive government continued its easy march toward totalitarian victory.

Their agenda continues today. We are told to spy on our neighbors and rat on our customers. We are told that abortion is holy and firearms are wicked. We are told that free-market capitalism is unfair and spreading one’s wealth should be mandatory. We are told that good is evil and evil is good.

Until recently, if a patriot disagreed with the direction this country was heading, if he stubbornly and bitterly insisted on clinging to his guns and Bible, he was told he was alone in his subversive ideas and should sit down and shut up. Before the Internet, he had few options to prove he wasn’t alone.

But no more.

With the advent of the conservative talk radio and later the World Wide Web, suddenly patriots discovered they weren’t alone. The classic “divide and conquer” strategy wasn’t working any more. The progressive revolution began to be challenged by people who have carefully studied the Constitution and Bill of Rights and know what those documents say and mean. The counter-revolution began to gain traction.

Thanks to these new communication methods, it became easier for these patriots to talk back and forth, pulling together news websites and blogs and chat rooms and forums and other resources that bypassed the mainstream media. A New Media was born based on truth and freedom.

And oooooooh, this New Media has got the old progressive media’s collective panties in a twist. How dare someone challenge their absolute monopoly?

Unable to close this Pandora’s box and desperate for damage control lest they lose their momentum, the statist revolutionaries ratcheted up their frantic campaign of derision, mockery and ridicule against those who challenge their agenda. Anyone who reports the truth of the matter is derided as a tinfoil-hat-wearing loon steeped in conspiracy theories and is probably a domestic terrorist to boot. What it comes down to is, “How dare you people get your news from anything except a government-approved source?”

But thanks to the New Media, this old tried-but-true tool of progressive warfare is, for the first time, failing. The New Media is the only reason we’re hearing about things the government would just as soon keep quiet, such as racial violence, domestic surveillance, retail spying, federal coworker spying, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, public school atrocities and curricula, Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing on the NSA and endless other unconstitutional baloney the progressive agenda is shoving down our throats. Do you honestly believe the mainstream media would willingly have reported that that Justice Department deliberately fomented protests demanding George Zimmerman’s arrest if the New Media hadn’t spilled the beans?

We are dealing with one of the most lawless times in American history; not by citizens, but by our own government, which has abandoned any pretense of constitutional restraints or following the Rule of Law. These are not the actions of a constitutional republic; these are the actions of a dictatorship-in-the-making. And few people would be the wiser if the New Media hadn’t been there to inform.

This gives me hope for the future of our nation. If it weren’t for the New Media, the second American revolution would be over and done, and we’d all be walking around with metaphorical barcodes on our foreheads as slaves of the State.

The war hasn’t been won. The Internet as we know it may not last. A year ago, President Obama “quietly signed his name to an Executive Order … allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.” The progressive revolutionaries still have the upper hand.

But until it becomes censored by the government, the Internet and the New Media will continue to encourage, support and unify millions of patriots who stand vigilant against the doom of America.

The counter-revolutionaries are beginning to fight back.

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