2 thoughts on “Tom Brokaw, 1989 “White House Call Boy Scandal” Reagan/Bush White House Pedophile ring

  1. Carter, Reagan, & Bush administrations….. and they’re just the ones that got caught. And God only knows what our current “president” is married to.

    And now you know why the White House was disgraced by the rainbow flag being splashed across its facade by floodlights. They’re all a gang of gay pedophiles, or they wouldn’t be there. (Trump may be the rare exception, and that may be his only redeeming quality)

  2. Franklin Coverup? If you have not read it you should, its old might have to go to the authors site, can’t remember the name but google book and it will show. I am all outa whack don’t have to do the capthcha thing?

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