Transcendence Movie Features Real Future Predictions

Transcendence Movie 2014That’s Really Possible – by Glyn Taylor

Transcendence, a 2014 movie produced by Christopher Nolan, features events which are predicted by many scientists and futurists as likely to occur in reality within the first half of this century. The predictions featured include those subscribed to by Ray KurzweilHugo de Garis, and Jason Silva.

The plot involves two leading computer scientists working towards their goal of sparking the Technological Singularity, as a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent them from creating a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.  

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions

The Technological Singularity (often called simply the Singularity), is most notably predicted by famed futurist Ray Kurzweil, as being an event which will happen around the year 2045. The Singularity is defined as the point in time when Artificial Intelligence becomes smarter than the unaided human mind. At which time, this enhanced mind will teach itself to become infinitely smarter, and so cause an ‘intelligence explosion’. The Singularity will undoubtedly immediately lead to the curing of all diseases, even aging, and solve all of humanities other traditional problems.

Most people consider the Singularity to be an inevitable event, should technology continue to advance at an exponential rate. What else will happen after the Singularity is impossible to predict with certainty. A theory though includes, the ‘Terminator Scenario’, where technology turns against humans.

Hugo de Garis

Hugo de Garis’s Predictions

The ‘Terminator Scenario’ theory is what is predicted by many people to be what will spark an opposition to technological advancement in the coming decades. These terrorists are featured in Transcendence with consideration given to the predictions of top scientist/futurist, Hugo de Garis, who has said he was employed as a consultant for the writing of the movie. de garis predicts that these anti-technology terrorists, or as he calls them ‘Terrans’, could cause major conflict in the future, and will be a major threat to our future survival.

Jason Silva

Jason Silva’s Predictions

Jason Silva is a futurist, who makes incredible, inspiring and thought provoking short films. Unlike Hugo de Garis, Jason is more optimistic about the future. He believes that the Singularity could happen around the year 2045, and that the ‘Terminator Scenario’ will not happen. He asserts that humanity will continue to integrate with machines; that machines will never turn against us, because they will ‘be us’. If you like to be inspired by the wonder of the incredible possibilities of the future, I recommend you check out the videos on Jason Silva’s YouTube Channel.

Hopefully you are inspired to learn more about the idea of the Singularity, and related future events. Try a Google search of the term ‘Technological Singularity’ to find mountains of more information.

Transcendance, in theaters April 25th, 2014, written by Jack Paglen, directed by Wally Pfister, and produced by Christopher Nolan. The cast includes Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany. Like their Facebook fan page.

4 thoughts on “Transcendence Movie Features Real Future Predictions

  1. Find a copy of “The Forbin Project” from the 70’s. I have a copy on VHS. This the same movie in a remake. Wait long enough and you can count on everyone forgetting. 😛 Liberty 1775

  2. This “future” will never happen due; the reason why is simple – the limits of growth is dictated by the amount of energy available. (in a closed system such as the Earth)

    I’ve read Kurzweil’s books from years back and I personally think he’s a hack making money off of a future any rational person can see will never happen. Also, Moore’s Law, the basis for this theory, is effectively dead. Computers computational powers are no longer growing at an exponential rate.

  3. What they are calling for (and I mean calling for, not just predicting…these three bozos actually want this evil to happen) is transhumanism, mixing humans with computers, and I don’t mean the kind Lady Gaga supposedly wants us to believe in (she is such a poseur!), but unlike androids, transhumanism requires emotions as well as logic, but likely not compassion, empathy, and other qualities Christ taught, because psychopaths can’t have that in their brave new world, can they?

    What I want to know is when will the 96 percent of humanity that is normal (has compassion, empathy, love, etc.) gonna show these psychos, and their bankster/oligarch/elitists owners, the door? they want to live underground? Let them, because even if they destroy the surface they’ll be affected eventually. I call it the “World Without End” scenario.

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