Trencher Alert

My deepest apologies to all, but we will no longer be putting up any photos on From the Trenches unless they are personal photos sent to us from Trenchers.

We do not need photos to accomplish our mission, I know sometimes they help to brighten the day and that 99% of them are harmless, but it is what it is.

7 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Haaaaaaa, Agreed!

    But what about the pic’s from Galen and others that are ‘really’ inspiring and meaningful?

    Are we not free to share with our Dearest Ones anymore?

  2. I come to this site, FIRST, every day for inspirational news and images.
    That piece of shit censoring with lawsuits Higbee and Ass, or whatever it is, need to pay for my inconvenience.
    Trenchers is like an emotional support critter for me, only it lives on the interwebs instead of my couch. Depriving me of potential happiness is going to cost them sumbitches money.
    Do I have “legs”?

  3. Considering that Higbee crapola, I get it. BTW, my book covers (ads on side) are either drawn by yours truly or copyright-royalty-free from But I will say this–that gorgeous flower pix sent by Galen (a Hawaiian flower no doubt) was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. Thanks, Galen!

    1. Thanks Amicus and DL. Sometimes, on links posted, there are some good pictures, so we’ll still see those.

      DL, the flowers are Echeveria, a succulent out of Central America.


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