TSA Opt Out Groping: Listen to what the TSA Agent Says

Published on Feb 2, 2015 by Bob Tuskin

On a recent trip to New York, Bob Tuskin opted out from the radiation of the naked body scanner. He was told that his questions could not be answered because they were “top secret”. He also gets into 9/11 truth with the TSA groper and more…

Getting them to allow him to film was a challenge. But he persisted and was able to film the majority of the groping process.

2 thoughts on “TSA Opt Out Groping: Listen to what the TSA Agent Says

  1. What we need to “OPT OUT OF” is the chemtrail program – and here it is explained where the chemicals come from and finally a way to stop them:

  2. “Sensitive information that we don’t want to give away to the bad guys. Don’t you watch the news?”.


    Oh man, this TSA asshole sounds like the dumbass that I had to deal with coming back from China at the San Francisco airport. They are brainless and think they no it all and treat people in the same condescending attitude that police officers do.

    Economics and he doesn’t know Larry Silverstein? That’s like a Computer Science graduate not knowing anything about Bill Gates. Must have went to the sheeple school of Economics.

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