One thought on “U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013

  1. Thank you Tom and my appreciation and gratitude to all that put themselves out there to inform and warn us of what is now and what we will see in the future. I do not favor violence there is a better way and that is of resistance and one of the first words we learned very young. That word worked so well then but in time we lost it. That two letter word that is so powerful…NO! I will not. It is called resistance.

    I remember in 1986 time there was a movie called ET it was a box office success yet despite its popularity and box office earnings, the movie Gandhi got the award. Why? what was so special about him? He taught resistance and he won, no shots were fired, true he died but the people won. It wasn’t easy and it took time but in the end he was successful.

    Then there was a small country Estonia where the people sang and sang, why it became known as the Singing Revolution (see the movie, between 1987 and 1991, hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patriotic songs and share protest speeches, risking their lives to proclaim their desire for independence. They won.

    We are now informed and it is our turn let’s begin with the first NO!
    To war,
    To oppression
    to everything they demand and take from us.

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