11 thoughts on “UGH! White Lumpy Rain

    1. It’s a gift for the “Loyalists” and commie protesters on this fine “Loyalist Day”

  1. I got that last week.
    Kind of fks up the day huh ..plus all the mud.
    But don’t worry you’ll be saying its hotter then sht real quick here.

    1. I prefer hot over cold. There’s a thing here called ‘trees’. They produce a thing called ‘shade’. 😉
      By the looks of it, you need some shipped there.

      The dirt roads here are quite quicksandy like.

      1. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Hence a beer and an air conditioner in the summer or a jar of shine and a heater in the winter. Oh, wait a minute, you are like me. All you can afford is cheap wine and a window, so f#@k the winter.

  2. Dam
    All its been doing up here is rain , than more rain
    I cant complain about my past winter , it was mosstly rain , and I dont have to shovel rain

    1. It’s melting quick and messy.
      Although the undocumented immigrants, I mean felons can never handle it.
      No jobbing today. Therefore no fraud(currency) will be earned for me.
      I think I’ll take Sun Tzu’s advice and go to the commie food pantry and feed off my enemy on this fine “Loyalty Day”. (maybe he meant royalty day)

  3. Fortunately, even though it’s in the mountains, I’m at low enough altitude that we only get that stuff 2 or 3 times a year, and not much more than an inch or so.

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