Ukraine is the most corrupt globalist owned Country in the world. It’s literally the Cabals Headquarters.

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It’s one of the only Countries in the entire world that has the stability/infrastructure to be the cabals global headquarters for money laundering and bio lab research.

Ukraine is 100% globalist owned, 100% puppet government. Only Country in the world that everyone is compromised in Government, and where’s there’s ZERO chance of anything being investigated. It’s literally anything goes.

This was 100% proven when Biden, thinking he was talking to the “Council on Foreign Relations” club members, bragged about how he’d hold back a Billion Dollars in aid to Ukraine unless a Ukrainian prosecutor stopped investigating him and his sons dealings. Then he laughed about it, then the crowd laughed about it. Let that sink in for a moment.

One of my best friends since Grammar school is Ukrainian. His parents came to the US legally from Ukraine 35+ years ago. He was born in the US. When he got married and purchased his own home. His parents moved back to Ukraine.

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I met him out earlier tonight. Wasn’t to talk about Ukraine or politics. Just old friends catching up.

First thing I said is “Are your parents OK”. He said they’re fine and laughed. Told me to stop watching CNN, most Ukrainians are dancing in the streets hoping Russia cleans up our corrupt government.

And I believe him 100%. Almost everything we see from Ukraine is MSM using fake news, fake footage using 6-year-old video, fake “ghost of Ukraine” stories.

It’s wag the dog…

And I’ll swear this on me and my family’s lives, what he told me was true.

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4 thoughts on “Ukraine is the most corrupt globalist owned Country in the world. It’s literally the Cabals Headquarters.

  1. That man has no soul. The devil walks among us, his name is soros. That interview was painfully clear. I will be sharing it with all my like minded family and friends.

  2. So Biden “joked” to the CFR about his criminal activities in Ukraine just like he “joked” at a 2020 campaign rally or whatever about stealing the election… And then you have him at the SOTU address “joking” about his support for child abuse…

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