Unexplained Light Formation Reported in West Austin, TX

UFO Austin,TXDon’t laugh at me as I had seen something along the lines of a UFO sighting a little while ago 9pm central time 5/26/13 in West Austin, TX. The pattern was along the lines of the simple photoshop image that I created as I didn’t have a camera with me and when I got home and grabbed my camera, it was gone.

The pattern of lights stayed in the air until about 9:30pm and I was getting a pizza with my wife at Caesars Pizza near an HEB grocery center off of the I-35 and Parmer Rd in Austin, TX. We noticed no one even thought anything of it and went on with their daily lives as though it was nothing.   

All I know is that there were three dots in the sky in a triangle shaped pattern like the one shown in the pic I made and number 1 was the smallest, number 2 was a little bigger and number 3 was the brightest and bigger than 1 and 2.

At first I thought they might be aircraft circling for a landing, but they were NOT moving and were in the same place for the entire time I saw them.

Second, I thought it might be some star formation, but these three dots in the sky were A LOT BRIGHTER and A LOT CLOSER than the other stars. Almost like a group of planes circling for a landing, but again, they were NOT moving.

The only thing I can think of is a possible drone formation.

Either way, it looked like the “Bermuda Triangle” of light formation and seemed as though a spaceship was going to warp through the formation or something.

I am not crazy as my wife and some others saw it too. It just amazes me that no one says anything unless you mention it first.

Does anyone know what to make of this kind of formation?

There have been sightings over the past year in Texas alone with videos showing similar unexplained Triangular shaped patterns occurring to the one I saw earlier. So I’m not the only one. Check out the videw below:

A similar UFO sighting was reported from Plano, TX and looked exactly like the triangular pattern I have shown and happened in February of this year.

Triangle UFO over Plano, Texas 16 February 2013 by justa4t

If you guys know of anything or possible explanations, I’d be interested in finding out what it could be. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Unexplained Light Formation Reported in West Austin, TX

    1. Angelfire, I agree it was the planets which are very visible to the naked eye right now. Makes sense it was seen in WI as well. Folks you might be wise to click the link Angelfire posted. Looks like the image of what NC posted.

      1. Wrong Katie,
        There is no way in hell that the planets would have been visible here in WI. Heavy cloud cover bordering on fog and light rain. Had it been daylight not even the SUN would have been visible. And yesterday the sun was not visible here due to the cloud cover! I was hoping for clear sky’s last night for the photo op of the planets. I’m not an expert photographer but I have sold some of my photos to media. The funny part is that of the dozen or so I have sold only one was ever published! and that was a 3 minute exposure shot of Halley’s Comet!
        Ancient history now, but I probably spent $30 on film to make a whopping $10. It didn’t pay for my time, which amounted to easily 75-100 hours. In other words I sold that picture for $40.

    2. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Angel. I don’t watch the MSM news on TV and only get the news from alternative media which had nothing on it at the time until now. Once again, glad I’m not going crazy. lol

  1. Same thing in Madison, WI last night!
    And, sorry Angelfire, NO it was not the planets! As cloudy and rainy as it was here last night they would not have been visible!. Also, to the naked eye the movement of the planets is unnoticeable and this thing hovered motionless for a while the moved, stalled and moved again before it disappeared.
    I could hear no sound at all and through 7×30 binoculars. We couldn’t see anything more than the lights. My nephew said he could see color in the lights, red, green and a white one that he thought was flashing. Maybe my old eyes are failing but I couldn’t detect any colors but yes one did seem to be a strobe like light.
    My opinion is that it was a surveillance drone. I wonder how may other cities experienced this?
    Maybe it’s time to make a tin foil hat! LOL 🙂

  2. If it was the tree planets, why would it only be there for a half hour. Unless it set like the sun over the horizon

  3. The triple conjunction has been in the news for days. Next one is not for a few years, so relax.
    It is bright enough to see through clouds. I was camping once, and it was quite alarming how bright a planet can be low on the horizon, at sunset. The triple conjunction is even more unusual, and very, very bright. It only lasts on the western horizon for a short time, at least where I live, way up north.

    I hate to say this, but get a grip people. The world is really quite horrible enough, without creating more crazy stuff. This is not the wrath of the angry sky gods, or secret technology. I can see the real nasty goings on quite clearly, with frequency signatures in the clouds, the jet stream going the opposite direction, and the fake clouds sprayed on and then blowing south over the populated areas.
    Planets. Three of em, in a triangle, and very brightly lit. That is all.

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