United States Sends $25 Million to Libya

The United States government is sending $25 million to Libya to buy food, uniforms, and equipment for the so called rebels there.  If anyone still remembers last month when our air force first attacked Libya, we were told that we were enacting a no-fly-zone.  I remember one advocate of the project saying even just a few planes would be better than nothing. 

Of course when we started implementing this no-fly-zone, immediately bombs were hitting buildings that had nothing to do with the Libyan Air Force.  We also bombed tanks and ground artillery.  I’m pretty sure tanks and ground artillery do not fly. 

I think it might have been getting a little embarrassing to the people trying to sell the conflict in Libya as a serious war, having these jerks driving around in civilian vehicles with civilian clothes on.  Therefore it became necessary for the American people to buy them uniforms.  Oh yes, and other equipment. 

Does anyone remember way back when our troops first went to Iraq and the Pentagon failed to equip them to the point that we citizens were buying body armor to send to them?  Not to mention the millions of poor people in the streets of the United States who could really use a nice new set of clothes.

In the beginning the illegality of this war was front and center in the news for about a week.  I guess that was so if asked they could say, “Yeah we told the people it was illegal.  They didn’t seem to mind so we went on ahead with the project.”  And of course when they decide to invade yet another sovereign country and the people say, “Hey, no, you can’t do that.”  They counter with, “Sure we can, we did it in Libya.” 

This government has become completely detached from the people and though their power under the Constitution is supposed to come directly from us, we have absolutely no say in what they do.  I know there are those who are going to say, “We can vote them out.” And that is true, but to what end? 

Unless we vote someone in like Ron Paul who wants to return to the day when the people ruled the government rather than the government ruling the people, things are just going to continue to get worse.  It is coming to the point that when the people are asked about their government all they can do is shake and hang their head in shame.

God help us to rediscover who we are.

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  1. Now their sending armed US drones into Libya. Get out America and send all of this effort to the Arizona boarder. We would save billions and clean up the mess on the Southwestern boarder. Mind boggling!

  2. I have been sick to my stomach that our country is giving our taxs payers money away to libya who hates us. Japan who hates us. Our people are losing their jobs and homes and are homeless for the first time in their lives with children. Why? Because the billions given to the banks to bail out the homeowners. And from what Im reading the banks our not helping the home owners at all. Turns out they our getting a great taxs incentive at 70% of the home loan out government gives them. I have a friend who applyed for the modification on a 380,000 dollar home loan. They approved her than a day later denyed her. forclosed on her home even though she made every payment on time as agreed on. They sold her house for 100,000 dollars and got that money and than the government gave the bank the remainning 280,000 dollars as a tax incentive. Turns out the banks our making a lot of money screwing the homeowners when the banks were given a trillion dollars to help the homeowners. This is not just one story but millions of reports that this is the behavior of the banks we the taxs payers bailled out. Out of 500,000 home modification loans the banks approved 30,000 of them. For the other 470,000 home owners were denied. I wounder how many of them out homeless now. 20,000 NEW homeless people now in tents in sacramento. And were they are camping the police are slashing their tents and forcing them to move. Our children are living in tents here in sacramento CA and our government is giveing 25 milolion to libya? What the hell is wrong with our government? I hate Obma and the government that gives to countries that hate us and has threaten viloence on us when we our at our weakest. Everyone I know is moving out of califorina. thanks big government for ruining so many american dreams! Keep up the good work.

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