99ers HR 589 Supporters Another Day in Paradise

It’s another day in paradise, that is if you are among the corporate elite who are enjoying their lives immensely as the tax payer subsidized stock market continues to rise, allowing them to take yet further record profits.  If you are not among the elite this day represents nothing more than the abstract misery you have been living with since the $26 trillion theft was discovered. 

I heard that dirty little Tory piece of tripe Stuart Varney referring the top 1% as “we”.  Yeah, Stuart, we know who you are and we know what you are.  We see you cringe when the price of oil drops offering us hope.  We then see you giggle and clap when the price rises knowing your pockets are going to be filled with more of our money robbed from us at the pump. 

My God 99ers, why do we allow creatures like this to exist among us? This little bastard came here from England and is living fat on our stolen resources.  May he rot in hell.

Has anyone noticed that the Congress left town?  If you are a 99er you probably didn’t as the Congress of these United States will not even acknowledge that we exist, let alone go to work on anything designed to repair our lives.  These scum bags are not just going to go away.  In fact getting rid of them is looking like it is going to be as hard as kicking a stray dog out the gate.  But you know what?  In spite of hell we are going to do it. 

Red, yellow, black, white, poor, middle class, cowboy, hippy, rebel, yank; we have had all we are going to take.  And these sleazy back alley hoodlums are about to find out what their counterparts did back when people were forced to go vigilante in order to clean the scum out of their streets.  It is simple.  If the government will not enforce our law, it is not only our right but our duty to do so ourselves.  But first we have to grow our spines to the point that we can actually reach down and cough and feel something.

Two days until Easter.  Who among the patriots will answer the call?  If the Easter Project is accomplished to any degree it will show the 99ers’ determination in that we will not be swept aside and ignored in the country we built and have supported for the past thirty years.  The very same country our forefathers and founding fathers passed down to us as our lawful real property that can only be taken from us through conquest through force of arms. 

We will unite, each and every damn one of us, to tell the traitors to get out.  And if they refuse to go we will forcibly remove them.  Our constitution will be reinstated and our Republic made strong once more.  And if anyone tries to stand in our way, let their blood make this soured ground fertile once again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters Another Day in Paradise

  1. Vote Donald Trump
    He will clean up all of the mess obama and bush left behind
    and he is willing to build a 200 million dollar ball room for all of our senators and congress to enjoy.
    How fun to dance your ass off in luxury; as a reward for working Hard for the people of America.

  2. I like that Trump keeps bringing up the birther issue. I don’t trust him for president. I don’t believe he stands solidly on any issue. He is a master at being sensational. And, after seeing what happened with Arnold in CA, I think Trump might have a similar experience in D.C.

    I would suggest people consider supporting for Ron Paul. He would address the Federal Reserve (banking cartel) issue that is behind a lot of what has and is happening.

    God, please bless all of the 99ers and bestow your favor on them. Everyone, have a Happy Easter.

  3. Who cares who the President is, they are all true Liars!!! Get someone in that will pass on some help to the 99ers – who cares about any other Country or anything else.

  4. It’s so hard these days, this week has seemed even more difficult. I am exhausted and just want to rest today, tomorrow is another day.

    1. Its exhausting, I can really relate to what you are saying – to many things to worry about.

      1. Thank you for your support Give me job or extend benefits. I am so worried about money, I don’t know what I am going to do.

        1. And thank you Angel also. That’s a good description of how this feels.

          I guess Elizabeth we are all in this together.

        2. I feel the same way. It wears me out losing my home, being broke, and searching all day for a job that just isn’t there.

          1. I am sorry Sam. This is an unbelievable time. I look forward to when things are better for all of us. It’s hard when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. We are suffereing like stinkin pigs – no jobs, no money, no food, no money for gas, losing our houses and these jackass politicians like Obama and Boehner are doing squat!!!!

  6. Right now obama is about as good as we will ever get, i say allow him to get some things done for a change, the battles with the G.O.P is needed to expose what the adjenda is on the republican side of things…as we have seen they could care less about the american worker, remember this come election time and vote out all republicans 🙂

    1. 99er-4-revolt-

      I’m sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong. Obama must go, he is being led by the hand from globalists traitors that want to bring America down. This can be reversed, but by somebody who is a patriot, not a piece of garbage. We do not have to kowtow to the rest of the world. This man came from nowhere, and is extremely dangerous.

    2. Forget Obama. He made the deal – to stand up when they asked him and read the speech off the teleprompter. In exchange he would be the 1st A-A president and get to live a 5-star, rock-star lifestyle. Unfortunately the country took a serious bad turn and now we have a president who is pretty much clueless. (I’m sorry to say that.) He only cares about himself. He’s making his deals to enrich himself after leaving office. Even if he wanted to help the country, he has no idea what to do. No experience.

      We need someone who knows what they are doing and cares about our country and our citizens. That would be Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton… Look for someone who cares about our country and our citizens.

  7. Not only must Obama go, but so must some of the people on your list Elizabeth. I don’t know about Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachman, but Sarah Palin and most definitely Hilary Clinton must both go! You guys are scaring me.

  8. The war on workers will take time and more economic stress. The repulsive republicans will continue their do nothing strategy for another year and ruin any chance of renewed human capital or job creation.Teachers, police officers, laborers and other public and private sector workers will be thought of as seditionists, thugs and conspirators. The American worker will replace the terrorist as the greatest threat to our way of life and individual freedoms. Collective bargaining has become the latest target in the assault on sanity and national fabric.

  9. It seems the 99ers are a dead issue to our goverment like america is.Thiers no help for the people that realy need it.DEMS OR THE GOP.IT DON’T MATTER.It seems like the big compaines are running everything.Look at the gas prices.America could be done if we don’t stand up and take it back.Take it back for us and our kids.America may be going back to the dark ages while other countries move on.We may lose everything that took maney,maney years to get.We need real americans to run the country,not want a bees.THE GREED TOOK OVER THE COUNRTY AND NOW THEIR IS NOTTING LEFT.NOW THEY ARE ASKING FOR CUTS FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHILE PROFITS ARE AT A ALL TIME HIGH .JUST LOOK AT THE TAX BREAKS THEY GIVE TO OIL COMPANIES.ITS GOING TO TAKE A LONG TIME TO FIX UP WHAT THEY SCREW UP.IF WE CAN.

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