Universal Monetary Unit • UMU • Ü • Unicoin by Dylan Eleven

Universal Monetary Unit • UMU • Ü • Unicoin
The IMF Has Just Unveiled A New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” That Is Supposed To Revolutionize The World Economy

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A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of the global population has no idea what just happened.  The “Universal Monetary Unit”, also known as “Unicoin”, is an “international central bank digital currency” that has been designed to work in conjunction with all existing national currencies.  This should set off alarm bells for all of us, because the widespread adoption of a new “global currency” would be a giant step forward for the globalist agenda.  The IMF did not create this new currency, but it was unveiled at a major IMF gathering earlier this week

Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) that strengthens the monetary sovereignty of participating central banks and complies with the recent crypto assets policy recommendations proposed by the IMF.

Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), symbolized as ANSI Character, Ü, is legally a money commodity, can transact in any legal tender settlement currency, and functions like a CBDC to enforce banking regulations and to protect the financial integrity of the international banking system.

As the press release quoted above indicates, this new “Universal Monetary Unit” was created by the Digital Currency Monetary Authority.

So who in the world is the Digital Currency Monetary Authority?

Honestly, I had no idea until I started doing research for this article.

The press release says that the organization consists of “sovereign states, central banks, commercial and retail banks, and other financial institutions”…

The DCMA is a world leader in the advocacy of digital currency and monetary policy innovations for governments and central banks.  Membership within the DCMA consists of sovereign states, central banks, commercial and retail banks, and other financial institutions.

Basically, it sounds like a secretive cabal of international banks and national governments is conspiring to push this new currency down our throats.

We are being told that the “Universal Monetary Unit” is “‘Crypto 2.0”, and those that created it are hoping that it will be widely adopted by “all constituencies in a global economy”



Original Article: https://davidicke.com/2023/04/15/the-imf-has-just-unveiled-a-new-global-currency-known-as-the-universal-monetary-unit-that-is-supposed-to-revolutionize-the-world-economy/

5 thoughts on “Universal Monetary Unit • UMU • Ü • Unicoin by Dylan Eleven

  1. there are no sovern states or countries except the vatican city of london washington dc and others like these… dear good god please help the pshycopaths return to goodness and truth , and all of us too

    1. “there are no sovern states or countries except the vatican city of london washington dc and others like these… dear good god please help the pshycopaths return to goodness and truth , and all of us too”

      These are international corporate mafia gangs, paper tigers. We individual free sovern nationals are 300 million heavily armed. We will rip these punk bitches into shreds, and before anyone can return to something, they would to have had to have been there sometime to begin with. They are the same scum that they have always been, and have zero infuence over the individual free sovern national under the unalienable law of December 15th 1791. Don’t try to strike fear into me with this pack of pussies. If they come here they go to the gallows. Got it!

  2. The City of London, the Vatican and Washington DC = Money Mafia, Mind Control Mafia and Death Export, War Industrial Complex Mafia. The only sovereign “state” ever to be created by free men and women who beat the crap out of them in 1775-1776 was and still is, the land of the American free national who owns it! How is this so? Their ancestors wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights, Dec. 15, 1791. The men who established the Law knew exactly who and what they were up against. They warned the people that these enemies of freedom would set up a government on their lands and tyranny would always be the end result. They wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights. The people were supposed to uphold their law. They were supposed to defend it, defy the tyrant and destroy the tyrant because the land and the law was theirs! Their ancestors fought, bled, suffered and died for that law to come into being! That tyrannical Mafia, over the generations, has done everything in its power to bury that law under their BS Constitution, to the point where there had to be a remnant with the strength, the will, and the mind of the free man to bring it up out of that pile of tyrannical trash and restore it to its rightful domain! That mafia thought it could dispose of American sovereignty, but the law was NOT forgotten! Not only that, it is the only way out of the tyranny that tried to dispose of that law! Nope! As long as there are sovereign individuals who are willing to fight with that law on their side, no “sovern” mafia will lord it over them. That sovern mafia will be a dead sovern mafia!

    1. After I wrote the above comment, I got to thinking about the most important point I really should have made when I said the Bill of Rights was not forgotten. I know of one individual in particular, who fought for it with his spilled blood, broken bones, political imprisonment and other significant blows, as he confronted and took on that “sovern” mafia. Shortly thereafter, he declared they were all in violation of the Bill of Rights! He powered through all of that, as those before him did when they declared their freedom, fought… to the death… and from that, the highly intelligent, freedom-minded men of that time wrote! They wrote the Anti-Federalist Papers calling for a Bill of Rights. They made the Bill of Rights into the highest Law of the land for a sovereign nation!

  3. Well, it looks like they are full speed bombarding us all around the world these days with their digital currency propaganda campaign.

    First, you have the introduction of Bitcoin a few years ago to slowly get the people familiar and used to the idea of a digital currency. Then the BRICS come out with their digital currency. Soon the Fed Reserve is coming out in July with their FedNow digital currency and now the IMF is introducing this Unicoin digital currency.

    This seems to be their new game plan. Introduce multiple digital currencies to force people to submit and choose from so they can slowly phase out cash. Then when that’s done, those digital currencies will eventually be conveniently combined and controlled under one global authority.

    Amazing how there’s no talk about a paper currency or a physical currency backed by gold.

    Gee….It’s almost like there’s a conspiracy afoot!

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