UPDATE – Arrested For Feeding Himself Man Found Guilty!

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

On Thursday I wrote about Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, who insisted in court that the law had no right to try or arrest him for fishing without a license because he belongs under natural and universal law where he is entitled to feed himself and fend for himself.

The comments and support for Ernie has been overwhelmingly in his favor, people called the courts, the papers, even some saying this man should be up for president because he “gets it.”  

Well, Ernie was brought back to court and they found him guilty, after having him removed from the court, in handcuffs, for objecting to the entire proceedings.

In court, FWP warden Adam Pankratz said Tertelgte refused to give him his name when approached. He was fishing with his 11-year-old son that day and the warden told the court he and a Three Forks police officer repeatedly tried to stop the situation from escalating, but Tertelgte refused to comply.

Tertelgte did not get a chance to cross examine witnesses.

Once again, I am going to show his initial interactions with the cowardly judge that made him a hero throughout the internet, a video that has garnered over 465,000 hits.

Here is a link to Montana’s judicial branch for those that want to have a word with them over their persecution of Ernie for demanding what amounts to blackmail just so he can feed himself.

The judge was the same judge that Ernie humiliated in the first appearance shown below the first video.

Wanda Drusch, City Judge
206 Main; PO Box 187 Three Forks, MT 59752
285-3444; 285-3431 fax

Contacting the City by webform can be found HERE.

[UPDATE]Watch them drag him out in handcuffs below

Ernie’s original court appearance which went viral below




15 thoughts on “UPDATE – Arrested For Feeding Himself Man Found Guilty!

  1. I am sure that we all knew that he was going to get railroaded. I am suprised that that judge didn`t order up a psych evaluation . This is a good example of what is wrong here in amerika. 🙁

          1. Yep Angel, they are really messin` with this guy. It seems as though they usualy sentence a person on the same day that they are found guilty when it was a mistermeaner. Times are changing I guess.

  2. Anyone that thinks any of the wrongs being perpetrated against the common man in this country is going to be fixed in a court of law is delusional! The old vote the bums out is a joke too.Vote them out and replace them with the next bum is more the case. As far as law enforcement ever doing their jobs against the real criminals,that isn’t going to happen either, the courts are corrupt and on the side of the tyrants. Dark time are right around the corner and pretending that they aren’t doesn’t change that.

  3. Of course TPTB would never allow this guy to go free as it would start a whole national freedom epidemic that would destroy the whole control system. He had to be made an example of and that’s what they did. Again, it would have to take the whole town to throw the judge and her police goon squad that she has protecting her out on the street. Until then, they’ll do whatever the hell they want to keep the “I am king and you are a peasant” method of control into the people of this country.

    Hang the Bitch and her goon squad! Hang ’em all!!!

  4. And then we have all those Chinese plastic flag waving Americans saying what a “free country” we live in, as they cheer like they did in Boston for martial law aka “shelter in place”. One of my very favorite pet peeves is the phrase that our soldiers are “fighting to protect our freedoms” all around the world. Freedom to do what-a simple thing like fishing without the King’s permission?? Give me a break! Seems more people are waking up, but they sure better put it in HIGH gear!

    1. Right you are Paula.

      I have the same pet peeves as you.

      That memory of those goon squads pointing weapons at the people in their homes, burns me. But what baffled me most, was when it was over, those same people where chanting USA USA… I was doing everything I could to not destroy the idiot box, all I could think of was: What is wrong with these people!

      Man, you’re right, people need to wake up, and FAST! Those who are “in control” are pulling no punches.

      Wait for the newly “Sandy Hook revelations” coming this week. Propaganda is going to go into heavy overload.

  5. It should be beyond clear to everyone that there is no law. No one is ever going to find justice in a kangaroo court. The saddest thing though is that people still wonder how it got to this point, and why nothing has been done to stop it.

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