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Update on CAMOVER which I went over here.

A group calling itself the Barefoot Bandit Brigade, Puget Sound, Washington has claimed the destruction of 17 Police State cameras.  This is by far the greatest number of cameras I know of destroyed, in the U.S., so they are in the lead for the America’s. 

They said on their site; “This act is concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control. It is also a message of solidarity and a wish of strength to the Seattle Grand Jury Resisters, those currently incarcerated and those not. Finally, this act announces our participation in the game of CAMOVER, called for by comrades in Germany.”

Glory to the Barefoot Bandits of Seattle.  What have you done for liberty?  I am of course completely opposed to any destruction of equipment that allows the government to illegally and unconstitutionally watch our every move without cause.  Of course completely opposed. I am not saying the Barefoot Bandit Brigade are men and women who have done something, taken risks and acted and great honor and respect on them.  No I am not saying that at all. Just saying if more stuff started showing up with the key words CAMOVER it would be a lot easier to find and share.  Just saying.




4 thoughts on “Update on Camera Hunting Contest – CAMOVER

  1. I’ve had half a mind to do something like this myself. Security cameras make me angry and pissed off just by looking at them. I wish there were more groups like these. Not that the government would get the message. In their own sick minds, they would just say, “these are people and terrorists that have something to hide”. The government is so pathetic. They’ll never learn even after they are kicked out by WE THE PEOPLE. They are so far gone, they have no idea where their heads are at anymore.

  2. I guess this had to happen sooner or later. Looks like some people have woken up and started to take back our rights. I hate being spyed on too, especially in those dept. store dressing rooms with the one way mirrors. I once heard a persons voice behind one of them. i made it a point to stand there naked from the waist down for a couple of minutes, just to show them f*ck you.

  3. CCTV’s are easy to access, that’s one of the reasons there’s going to be around 30,000 drones in service over the USSA in the coming years.

    Now take one of those out w/o harming the neighbors!

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