US Government Clamps Down on Liberty

The neo-cons are calling on all the GOP candidates except Mitt Romney to drop out of the race and concentrate on making sure Romney beats Obama.  You see they have grown used to calling these elections after two or three or four primaries and caucuses and disenfranchising all the other people of all the other states right out the gate.

It has indeed become increasingly aggravating for them to fix the individual contests, especially since they are doing such a pathetic job of it and a chant is beginning to reverberate across the United States. “Election Fraud”  “Disenfranchisement” “Revolution”

The international elite are painting themselves into a corner and as the reality of their eventual downfall is becoming more evident to them, they are acting erratically and irrationally.  But this has always been the way of the wannabe tyrant.  When they see that they are losing control, rather than back off, they clamp down tighter.  And the only thing they achieve is allowing more to slip through their fingers.

The elite have now launched a full scale attack on the patriot movement through their mainstream media machine, going after the militia because we are growing.  They are also taking preemptive measures in passing the No Trespassing legislation in preparation for the inevitable re-insurgence of the patriotic Occupy Movement, which will be coming with the warmer weather.

The fact is the elitist insurgents are failing miserably as we the people are refusing to allow ourselves to be divided by religion, age, gender, or the pigment of our skin.  We are united and will be going on the offense for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.  And indeed this is what they fear the most – justice.

Now days when they come onto our TVs and point their finger at one or the other of us and say, “Bad guy” “Terrorist” we, in unison, are pointing our fingers back at them and saying we know what you are and you are going to be punished.

We must continue coming out in force for Dr. Paul to let our enemies know that we are not buying into their bullshit even to the smallest degree and that we intend to enforce our will as the lawful sovereigns of the united States of the Americas.

Remember, the only power a constitutional government has is that which we the people delegate to it.  As sure as they have tried to take our country away from us, we will take all power and authority back from them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. We need to take over the polls and the ballot boxes. We need to have the computers investigated and stop the mainstream spin on the elections. All that is taking place is treasonist and un-American. I say impeech Obama and have a true election free from the UN and Israel concerns. This has got to stop now. I’m not going to be ruled by the ruling class or their eugenics psychopaths

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