US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

The Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, the compound that protects the body from radioactive poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents, to be delivered before the beginning of February.

According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHHS asks contractors to supply, “potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s),” a total of 14 million tablets. The packages must be delivered on or before February 1, 2014.  

Potassium iodide helps block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland and is used by victims of severe nuclear accidents or emergencies. Under current regulations, states with populations living within 10 miles of a nuclear plant are encouraged, but not required, to maintain a supply of potassium iodide.

A search of the FedBizOpps website returns no other results regarding the purchase of potassium iodide from any government agency, suggesting that the DHHS bulk buy of the tablets is unprecedented in recent times.

The ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has prompted concerns that the purchase is connected to the threat posed by radioactive debris washing up on the shores of the west coast or the potential for another natural disaster occurring in Japan which could impact the U.S.

“Governments usually respond to disasters very similarly; first move is to avoid panic,” writes The West Wire. “The Japanese didn’t want to panic the world, or tarnish their honor and now, as a consequence of their reluctance, Japanese citizens and international aid personal find themselves in a horrible state of being.”

“Panic is usually avoided by keeping their citizens as blind to the truth as possible, until confrontation with the truth becomes inevitable. The crucial question at this juncture; “would our government be reluctant about warning us of potential disaster, in an attempt to avoid panic?” 14 million doses of Potassium Iodide say that might just be the case.”

Last month it was revealed that 71 U.S. sailors who helped during the initial Fukushima relief efforts are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) after they returned with thyroid cancer, Leukemia, and brain tumors as a result of being exposed to radiation at 300 times the safe level.

TEPCO has repeatedly been caught lying in their efforts to downplay the scale of the disaster. In September it was confirmed that radiation readings around the power plant were 18 times higher than previously reported by TEPCO. After a tank leaked 300 tonnes of toxic water in August, groundwater radiation readings at the plant soared to 400,000 becquerels per litre, the highest reading since the nuclear accident occurred in March 2011.

Top scientists have warned that if another major earthquake hits Fukushima, which is almost inevitable, it would mean “bye bye Japan” and the complete evacuation of the west coast of North America.

Now that radioactive debris is hitting the West Coast of North America, numerous different animals and sea life are suffering from mysterious diseases, including 20 bald eagles that have died in Utah over the last few weeks alone.

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16 thoughts on “US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    These KI (Potasssium-Iodide) are NOT for you or me.

    This is so DHS can maintain “Operational Effectiveness” of its Gestapo in an irradiated environment.

    Lets run a couple of numbers:

    One pill is good for one person for one day,…

    DHS has over 240,000 employees now,….

    At one pill per day per person,.. that is 4 days of protection for 1 million pills.

    At 14 million pills,… that is approx 2 months of personnel radiation support,.. which is about the amount of time you would want for your personnel to overcome the initial release of radiation and the attentuation of contamination as the ground slowly absorbs the surface particles that get washed down into it by the rain.

    14 million sounds like a lot of pills,.. but it is really the minimum you want to have on hand if you expect your forces (DHS’s Gestapo Troops in this case) of nearly a quarter milliion to be potentially exposed to radiation.

    They are telling us what they are planning on doing here people,.. this is how they will justify FM 3 – 39.40: “Interment And Resettlement Operations” of Americans in their forcible removal of Americans from entire regions of the country (while also disarming and restricting what they can take with them,.. like their wealth, Gold, Silver, bullets, and so forth…)

    Get ready for a shit fight people,.. the pyscho commies NEVER give in or stop trying to steal, enslave and kill people of any nation,.. and certainly they will not stop in their efforts to destroy our country!

    JD – US Marines – Remember,.. when they carry out preparations like this,.. they are also communicating (unintentionally) what it is they expect to pull off as a Black-Flag (False-Flag) Operation against us.

    1. OPPpsss,..

      This article states the DHHS (Dep’t of Health & Human Services) has ordered these,.. not DHS,.. which is odd, as they have already stock piled KI Tablets,.. and DHHS is in fact the largest line item budget expense for the “Enemy Force In Occupation” (the US Fed Gov’t)

      DHHS ALREADY spends over a TRILLION dollars a year (on what!!!!????),.. so why do they feel the need to buy more,.. and why is another million dollars or so spent on KI a news story??

      ALL of the agencies of the EFIO are illegal, and are designed specifically to take control,.. and destroy this country.

      The real news story here, why have we not arrested, tried, hung these traitors,.. and abolished the entire existence of the EFIO.

      JD – US Marines – This does tell us they may be setting off a nuclear Black Flag Op here in the very near future.

    1. Yes Paul, you may say sheep to the slaughter to be sure…… What I mean`t to say above was they will go after them guys in line first before they go after us guys – because they will come after us – and that would buy us guys a little time. I think that this will be the year. 😐

  2. Unbelievable! These bastards are playing games with us. Everything we buy, they buy in order to screw we the people over just like the ammo. They are trying to starve us out on everything. Get ’em while you can people.

      1. Haven’t eaten anything out of any ocean, that I’m aware of anyway, since the BP oil disaster. In fact, the very next day I ran out and bought as much tuna as I could afford knowing it had been canned before the BP oil disaster.
        . . .

        1. same here don’t consume anything out of the sea anymore and haven’t for some time. i am also fearful of any edibles from ca. or the west coast for that matter. can you give me some input on that?

          1. I don’t know Paul … I’m just staying away from the seafood. Who knows, radiation may be in everything here and will end up spreading across the nation anyway.
            . . .

    1. I think if Homeland Security is stockpiling medicines there’s a clue right there. It should be fine, as long as its in a cool, dry place.

      I recently bought some Fishpen Forte for a sinus infection that I couldn’t afford to go to see a doctor for. That was 3 weeks ago and it’s all cleared up now.
      . . .

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