US Zionists Scrambling like Rats on a Sinking Ship

For the past 64 years, the Zionists in America, via the assertion of the holocaust, have enjoyed a status wherein nothing they did or said could be questioned without the person doing the questioning being labeled anti-Semitic.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as we Americans, not only could not be held in any way responsible for the holohoax, but if anything it would have to be said that it was our military might that ended it.  Believe it or not, prior to World War II, American Christians and Jewish Zionists were blood enemies as Zion denied that Jesus was the Messiah, hence categorical denial of Christianity in its very essence?

Thereafter, the Zionists, having taken over mass media, including Hollywood, managed to completely change reality in America.  Then, through mass indoctrination through public schools and Zionist controlled colleges with an implementation of multi-culturalism, tempered with political correctness, they actually turned the tables completely around.  We started seeing the emergence of a Christian Zion here in the United States, a literal push to worship Jews as they are “God’s chosen people”, don’t you know.

As the fact of the different sects of Jews faded into obscurity, the Zionists, through the purchase of politicians in our country, actually had a law passed to make it possible for them, as dual citizens, to serve within our government.  It is truly amazing how much the Zionists achieved in America in such a short time before being unveiled as the treacherous deceivers they are.

I guess that is the trouble with such a big lie, once the smallest part is revealed, curiosity dictates that the rest be examined.

The enlightenment we are seeing across our nation has come about actually quicker than did the deceit.  The fact is the masses, discovering the depth of the treachery, are quite angry and are in reality feeling a little embarrassed as this kosher insurgency has happened right out in the open, as previously mentioned, over just 64 years.

Think about that.  To completely infiltrate a government as big as ours and establish command and control in just 64 years must be considered quite a feat, even for a people as low down and sneaky as the Zionists.  I’m sure there has been many a day in the past 64 years when the Zionists have said to one another, “I can’t believe we are pulling this off.”

And it wasn’t that we were really stupid, it is just that after World War II, we were so busy trying to regain our footing and become prosperous again that we simply did not have time to notice.

I guess you could say their downfall was their greed.  Once they put 80 million of us out of work, we had nothing but time to figure out what had happened to us and, thanks to the miracle of the internet, the truth of Zion is now spreading like wildfire.  Even those who had any doubts have been forced into reality by the Zionists themselves through their arrogance in thinking they could actually get up in our faces and order us into yet another war at the same time we are suffering through a depression brought on by their Zionist wars.

Now all that the poor Jews who aren’t Zionists can do is pray that we will take the time to sort them out from the Zionists when the retribution through prosecutions begins.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “US Zionists Scrambling like Rats on a Sinking Ship

  1. Just curious to ask, those American monied elite that bankrolled Hitler into power, or those Americans that ably traded with Hitler throughout WWII, do they not bear some responsibility?

    Another point too, the politicians that wavered on the sidelines whilst we in the UK were being pounded to pieces by the Luftwaffe whilst province after province fell in Europe to Hitler’s forces, do they not bear some responsibility also for holding back to cripple the British empire allowing untold people to die in what could have been a very short war for Hitler if the US joined in 1939.

    And with friends like Joseph Kennedy who was the Ambassador to the court of St James, if what Von Ribbentropp and others on the British and American side said about him passing British and allied military secrets to the Nazi’s and his ardent support for the IRA… Who needs enemies eh?

    Just remember that Ford Corporation was not nationalised as was claimed but was still run and administrated by Henry’s son throughout WWII, many Americans made a fortune including the Bush family and even more so when their invested plants and factories were run with forced labour, the Bush family were involved in a lot of industry at Auschwitz.

    And those same people who bankrolled Hitler were the same people who tried to overthrow the US government in 1933.

    1. HI, Angry Grandparent.
      I think that if you do a little digging into the American monied elite that bankrolled Hitler, you’ll find that they’re Zionists too, and most of what we’ve been taught about WW2 is similar to the war propaganda we’re hearing today concerning Iran, and has very little to do with what actually happened.
      Also “publicly traded corporations”, as they’re called, aren’t really all that public, because no more than 20% of their stock is ever available for purchase by the public. In eight out of ten cases, the other 80% that makes all the decisions, is wholly owned by Zionists, or their tax-shelter foundations.
      This is also why I loathe the expression “corporate media”. It hides the truth of it being a “Zionist media”, (which is what I call it), and helps to hide the true culprits from the American people.

  2. You do not seem to get it “angry grandparent” that we were lied to about Hitler. Hitler’s biggest sin was actually pushing the banks out of Germany thus allowing the country to thrive by creating their own currency. Who writes the history? The victors. Who were the victors? Not us but the Jews. They own all the media’s…also what about Stalin or Mao? They actually murdered millions of their own…somehow they escape the scorn that is only placed on Hitler.
    Why are we discussing Hitler? Why are we not discussing the fact that the Israeli’s are using Palestinian children as shields today…picking them off like they were littler animals. Just as the white people did to all indigenous people.
    It is time we discuss what is going on in our country. We have Jews with dual citizenship many in Congress and the Senate. They care for Israel first, second and third. This is unacceptable…UNITED STATES and our Republic FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD.
    Stay focused…it is time to kick out anyone who is sympathetic to the Zionist agenda. It is time to clean house, our house. Love America or get out.
    My suggestion is to research the history of WWII.
    Ever since the Federal Reserve we have had world wars…and if you pay close attention you will note that every single war was created during banking pillaging. Just a slight distraction from reality. Read about the BALFOUR DECLARATION to start to seek TRUTH.

    1. Well said,

      Most important in your message was the part about “End the Federal Reserve”. This scourge will ruin us. It already has. The sooner we get rid of this, the better America will be. Probably at the root of 98 percent of our problems.

    2. Yes, well said! Way to stay on track, Deborah.

      The (re-)writers of history have woven so many layers of narrative to thoroughly disguise their own role in the fomenting every major war/revolution since at least the 17th century.

      Believing in their fabricated bogeymen and then injecting them into a debate only muddies the issue and serves as a distraction. I had to put aside my own pre-programed revulsion I felt towards Hitler in order to be open to objective historical facts, well camouflaged by the true masters of propaganda..

      As Deborah said, read up on the Balfour Declaration, the Transfer Agreement, the Jewish role in causing both world wars and the swindling of the American public to get them to send their sons to fight and die for Zion.

      There were gentile dupes and opportunists complicit in these acts to be sure, but let’s focus on the cause of the cancer. The useful idiots who played roles as middle men will be exposed as well, but focusing on their guilt and not keeping our eyes on the head of the snake is just what they count on.

      1. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world wars. All three were brought into being to distract from the inevitable crash of the debt bubbles created by private central banking.

        Crash of 1907, WW1!

        Crash of 1929, WW2!

        Crash of 2008, WW3!

        It is not difficult to see clearly once you learn the truth…the truth is we are duped over and over with the same play over and over. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

        In regards to Hitler…learning the truth was difficult like X-tackle Mike shared. Though, once you wipe your eyes and clear out your ears you can see and hear clearly that something is very wrong. You will see and hear in movies the constant Hitler references that they recite over and over to the point of nauseum.
        I know that I groan every time I hear the booga booga crap.

  3. “we in the UK were being pounded to pieces by the Luftwaffe whilst province after province fell in Europe to Hitler’s forces, do they not bear some responsibility also for holding back to cripple the British empire allowing untold people to die in what could have been a very short war for Hitler if the US joined in 1939.”

    Well, if you guys would have accepted the Peace offer in WW1 when you couldn’t afford to wage war any longer, and to go all back to the entry positions before the war. You wouldn’t have had to sign the Balfour Declaration, to drag the US into that war on your EMPIRE side.
    The Ottoman Empire wouldn’t have been broken up, and Israel couldn’t have been founded as a little Zit in the middle of the Ottoman Empire. We wouldn’t have suffered WW2 and all its death and destruction, to have an place, time and excuse for the holocaust. And none of this would have happened… BUT you wanted so badly to win WW1 for god, king and country and at all and any cost. And we are still paying the price UP TO today.

    Now tell us more about British Suffering compared to the Suffering the British have caused world wide., because keep in mind, you fought that war on the Zionist side. And if you were under control then, then you are under control now, since they don’t release their grip on a country.

  4. MUST LISTEN: Eight 45-minute talks by an Irish Priest. Deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy. Go to:, then scroll down the LEFT SIDE COLUMN, until you arrive at: “Build Yourself an Ark”. This is the most detailed historical account of the rise of the “Jew” World Order! DOWNLOAD IT!! TAKE NOTES! STUDY IT!! MEMORIZE IT!!

  5. Mostly agree. The Zionists control wall street, the federal government, media, and Hollywood. But it is important to remember that most Jews are as innocent as the rest of us and their contributions in all areas of human endeavor are beyond numbering.

  6. If we cleaned THAT up, would we be where we need to be? Who is responsible for doing the dirty work of these who are so rich you KNOW they don’t get their hands dirty! Did THEY arrange the destruction of 911 . . . or did they just pay a hefty fee! Or make a trade-off arrangement?

  7. Just thinking outloud here (as usual)

    There is a small sect of people that have been around since Rome. They are the parasitical, or viral element of civilizations. The M.O. of this sect is to infiltrate government systems, suck them of their labor force energy (in the instance of the West, via fiat currencies), until the host government ultimately collapses. Ultimately what started as a virus becomes a cancerous integration into the system, one that demands more and more resources without regard for the demise of the host body.

    The current morph of the cancer has used the ancient Hebrews as their front and cover. After the ‘Holocaust’, it was a simple step to integrate into all of Germany, all of Russia and most of the western nations. Using the sympathies of that grand tale, straight out of the Book of Lamentations, and mix in a little Fiddler on the Roof and Yentle, and suddenly you have a sympathetic race (cult) of people that can lay claim to anything it wants. Every time the demands are questioned, the cult cancer pulls out its holocaust card, starts calling out anti-semitism and racism, and suddenly governments are falling all over themselves in guilt, as if Lord God is going to come down and start the plagues on their asses. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the shady bastards control all of the world’s fiat banking systems.

    I’m not sure how much enlightenment to it all actually exists, though the article is reassuring. Every day for me lately is a testament to just how dumb a majority of the population is. Perhaps the greatest feat of these frauds was integrating their plagiarized nonsense Torah into the christian Bible. Now you have a sub cult Worshiping the banking cult, no questions asked.

    One of my favorite parts of the bible is the scam where Moses goes somewhere else alone (the mountains, into the tent where a cloud covers it etc.), gets gods commands and then relays them to the people. All powerful Lord God, in all his Omnipotence, needs Moses as his middle man to lay down the law! That just goes to show that civilization has been a bunch of dupes for quite a long time now.

  8. Jesus told the Jews 2000 years ago that the kingdom of Heaven would be taken from them and given to others (Christians) who would produce it’s fruit.

    Jesus NEVER lied.

  9. @ kathleen Never compromise with the devil. Presidents lie, Wall Street survives by lying, our idea of currency having any value is a lie. That is the lucifers approach not a loving caring divine approach to life. Christian zionists are a major force in the world holding the mistaken belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people and the holy land belongs to them, they also believe the lie that jews have suffered so much wandering around for 40 years in the desert, the holocaust has been blown out of all proportion. They killed Christ but somehow we feel the guilt. Always they turn the truth around.

    Let the Jews prove their worth, they account for 1.7% of the population but control all branches of Government, the legal profession and most important the issue of all money as a debt owed to them with usury. They would have you believe the direct opposite if you let them propagandize your children and your mind. Look where we are heading under them, all wealth under their control the FED is buying up all mortgages using printed money, if you have a mortgage they will soon own your property and when they collapse the monetary system they like Shylock will demand their dues and your money will be worthless. All Governments are under their leadership, unending wars are all at their behest. The people of Greece do not need to be hungry today, without medicine, without work, without dignity. The are indebted by pieces of shoo paper with occult symbols produced by the shoo private central banks with harsh usury and we stupidly and irresponsibly call that wealth owed to the the IMF, ECB? Total absolute nonsense, it is theft, the greeks were sold a dud bill of goods and should kick out the banking scum, the jew controlled Government, the jew controlled ECB, IMF and issue their own currency and then trade together like decent human beings in charge of their own lives and freedoms.

    The zionists have a plan, a dreadful final solution and it is being speeded up, The reason you are reading this is because your ears are twitching as you fear the course that the world is heading towards.

    1. “if you have a mortgage they will soon own your property and when they collapse the monetary system they like Shylock will demand their dues and your money will be worthles”

      You can’t pay your mortgage with your worthless money, they foreclose, and push you and your family out under the bridge and voilla, who owns the land of America and has in the end raked in all the wealth generated over 200+ years?

      There is only ONE more thing that has to be done, since all laws supporting the plan and blocking the population from reacting are in place including the concentration camps..
      Neutralize the American Army, Navy and Airforce or use them up in a war, so they can’t defend the population when they most need them.

      1. “Neutralize the American Army, Navy and Airforce or use them up in a war, so they can’t defend the population when they most need them.”

        Which is what I have been saying for ages now! They sent all of our troops on the offensive to die, while leaving our defenses wide open for destruction. Plain and simple.

        1. Makes one wonder what has or will happen to all the nukes? I can remember that incident, where against all safety protocols in place, bombs ended up under planes, ready to fly… with an official destination in the US. (Broken Arrow movie had that same theme..) With the right signatures, that according to protocols handling such hot and dangerous eggs ‘should’ have been signed. And there are a shitload of signatures on documents and verifications of said documents, where nukes leave their hard storage and go on a voyage (In peace time.). All involved in the weird washed away movements of the nukes that reached the awareness of the public were assassinated ahum, died under mysterious circumstances.
          I heard this in a discussion with a person very much aware of said protocols. (Added: The discussion was about the 6th bomb, that allegedly went missing, and I asked that person if that was possible for a bomb to go missing and as followup on the “No”, “Why not?”.) If you allow me to put this this way. No nuke would have been moved ONE inch if it would have went like we were told.

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