USA AMMO Shotgun: Combat Loading

Uploaded on Oct 8, 2010 by teamUSAammo

Hoffner Shotgun Combat loading.

Brian Hoffner has over 30 years of military and law enforcement experience, Brian, a Texas Master Peace Officer, is a senior firearms instructor, and defensive tactics instructor for Houston Police Department. As director of Hoffners Training Academy, Brian brings his highly acclaimed training program to law enforcement, military, corporations, and enthusiasts on a national and international level. Known and respected as a leader in his field, Brian’s unique style of motivating his students while progressively teaching empty hands, knife, pistol, shotgun, rifle, & tactics have made him a trusted favorite throughout the country.

2 thoughts on “USA AMMO Shotgun: Combat Loading

  1. Amen bulldog, I will meet you on the range any day. I got your back!! 🙂 Thanks for the new rifle!! It makes me happy!! 🙂

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