USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

food-stamps-unemployed-census-bureau-kansas-utah1The Rundown Live – by Kristan T. Harris

Could the SNAP EBT (Food Stamp) disaster that occurred across 17 states last weekend have been a planned drill rather than system failure? This letter sent out by the USDA makes your brain turn.

A USDA letter has surfaced that has been sent to states across the nation. States are being told to “stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice.”  Which could mean that  if Congress doesn’t reach a deal to get federal government back up and running somebody at the Whitehouse decided you will not get your benefits. Worse yet, they have not sent anyone a letter letting people across the nation know their benefits are going to be postponed.  

Would the government really wait until the very last-minute to make you aware of your loss of benefits?

Lets not forget other sensible cuts that could happen to programs like the DHS, The NSA, The TSA, Fusion Centers, unconstitutional spying programs, cameras on the street corners and armored vehicles for our local colleges are not happening. I bet all those bills are still being paid. Why can’t we cut there?

However according to the government people who store food for a disaster and or have a garden are potential domestic terrorist.





15 thoughts on “USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

  1. The low information crowds are about to be in for a rude awaking if this holds true. Just one day of shut down caused so much panic and grief, there’s gonna be riots everywhere when they pull this one off……

  2. If the government doesn’t solve the debt issue by Friday then the executive branch will simply execute an Executive order under the pretense of a National Catastrophe to raise the National Debt. This will complete the executive branches takeover of government.
    The House and Senate will be blamed for the impasse. I hope that this does NOT happen. I hope for the sake of the country that I am proven wrong!
    If I am right then I would expect a banks will be shut down temporarily and Martial Law declared. For the sake of the nation I hope I am wrong.

  3. Is this what you call political extortion or black mail for the commies to get their way

    or maybe…. turn in your guns and we will turn the food stamps back on.

    or the next month after that….. oh, you turned in your guns last month, well, this month you have to turn in your neighbors with guns and we will turn the food stamps back on.

    Think I am kidding????

    1. Simlardog, I think you got this one pegged. Crippling families, to only let them watch their children starve, would certainly be a tool these a$$holes would use against us.

      1. When they really want to get pissy, they could shut off all known gun owners bank accounts, credit cards, ATM’s, their electricity with smart meters, internet, and phones till they turn their guns in. A couple entries into a computer would shut them all down.

        That’s why we all need to be as self-reliant and out of the matrix as possible

        1. Like that retard move will work. The govt knows there are 80+ million gun owners willing to use deadly force to protect their freedom & rights here in the US. I am one of them. If the govt did anything stupid, they will regret it.

          1. You can fool half of the people half of the time… I guess you don’t know how dumb unto death your neighbors are.

  4. Well, it’s time to see, you got to give all you’re gonna receive.
    Hey, It’s time to see, you got to give if you wanna believe.
    you won’t breathe.

    Oh no don’t you keep your Good luck to yourself.
    Oh no don’t you keep your Good luck to yourself.

  5. This was definitely a test.

    Another article stated that when they do it for real, it will be like a tornado.

    I’ve been thinking more like a tsunami.

          1. Thanks, Angel. Had a great weekend.

            Not doing so hot today, though. I slipped off the back of a container and hit the concrete horizontally. Luckily nothing’s broken, but I am definitely hurting in a half dozen places. 🙁

            Tomorrow will be much worse, I have no doubt. Not looking forward to it.

  6. New show on TV starts in November it’s called “One Day Till Your Food Stamp Card Quits”. To be followed by “Riots at WalMart”. Merry Christmas.

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