USS Liberty Dead in the Water (Full Movie) Americans Murdered by Israel

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2011 by VeritasView

Listen to the words of surviving members of the Israeli attack on the U.S.S.Liberty.
Who do you believe? Our own veterans or the Powers That Be?
I am not anti-semetic. I support the JPFO. I am anti-Zionist, Anti-NWO!
On June 7th, 1967 we were within 7 minutes of all out nuclear war, and you probably never heard of this before.
Why do we give money to any nation? Why do we support this so called alli?
How can you believe ANYTHING our government and media tell you?
How much blood of our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers will it take before you care enough to take action?
When will you reach YOUR moral imperative?
Talk about it. Call your local stations and make it a topic!

U.S.S. Liberty Veterans Association
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2 thoughts on “USS Liberty Dead in the Water (Full Movie) Americans Murdered by Israel

  1. Thank you for posting this movie! I do not get al-Jazeera on any DirecTV channel, and you tube and other US-imperialist-Israel-occupied media refuses to show this truth. that is why I love FTTWR–this site posts the TRUTH!

    1. “…that is why I love FTTWR–this site posts the TRUTH!”

      And that is why I don’t waste my time posting anywhere else, DL. 🙂

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