V for Vendetta face masks

Loved the V for Vendetta graphic posted here the other day. I made some masks from them.

Here in Hawaii we can’t get into any store now without a mask. Ridiculous, insane and completely illegal. But for now, it’s mask up or don’t buy any goods or food.

6 thoughts on “V for Vendetta face masks

    1. I printed it using store bought Inkjet Fabric Sheets. You can make your own printable sheets with freezer paper. Iron your fabric onto the waxed side of the paper, Make sure you get a good seal. Cut it to 8-1/2 x 11, then print onto the fabric side with your printer. I find the colors come out muted using this method, but it’s cheaper. The purchased sheets print more vibrant. I scotch guard the fabric, then iron, then dip in cool water, then air dry. This sets the ink. I actually threw a mask in the washer and hot dryer to test and it came out fine, no fading but did shrink a little. I use Photoshop or MS Publisher to properly size the image before printing the sheet. Hope this helps!

  1. Can’t go into a store without a mask? Terrible! Around here, masks are strictly voluntary and pretty much the whole “shelter in place” thing is as well. I really hate that you have to put up with this crapola, Annette!

    1. It is beyond shocking what Maui is being put through. I read the comments on the Maui News Covid stories, and I am even more shocked at the responses. Early on, most people were applauding these restrictions! Now that they have been unemployed for 6 weeks and can’t get their checks, the overall mood seems to be changing and there is more push back. The National Guard is setting up random checkpoints, virtually no visitors , by the airport there is a rolling sea of parked rental cars, it is surreal. And now masks are mandatory if you want to enter a store. Just shocking.

      1. Maui is getting hit especially hard. The forced mask-wearing is not presently happening in the entire state. They always seems to need a test case. Thanks, for the updates, Annette. May Aloha never surrender to tyranny!!


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