Vaccine pusher Paul Offit trying to revoke all religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination

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Introducing Dr. Paul Offit, the conflicted top pediatrician and millionaire vaccine producer and promoter who claims that a baby can theoretically tolerate 10,000 vaccinations at once. And he wants to make sure that your kids get their share.

Remember the lyrics from that Rolling Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil”? “Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a man of wealth and taste… Pleased to meet you; Hope you guess my name; But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”  

Seems appropriate for Offit. In 2009 during a Philadelphia magazine interview, a reporter asked Offit if he was the Antichrist, and he replied, “I’m just one of the Devil’s many humble servants.” Maybe that whole conversation was tongue-in-check; maybe it was a huge Freudian slip.

Either way, it’s totally appropriate for a man who is out to crush alternative medicine and who calls Linus Pauling a quack and vitamin or mineral supplements a waste of time and money while going beyond promoting vaccinations for everyone.

Offit’s pushing for not allowing legal vaccination exemptions

Offit is absolutely demanding that everyone be forced into taking all of them, especially children from age zero to six. Dr. Offit publicly claims that all vaccine exemptions are bogus and should not be allowed, and he’s actively campaigning or lobbying to get rid of them.

Anti-vaccination crusader Robert Kennedy, Jr., has said of Offit, “This is a man who has made himself the spokesperson for the vaccine industry. He portrays himself as an independent scientist. … He does not disclose the millions of dollars of transactions.”

That includes an “unspecified percentage” of the $182 million that Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania made after selling its royalty stake in the RotaTeq vaccine, which purportedly protects infants against rotavirus infections that cause diarrhea, resulting in millions for his part of the patent’s intellectual rights.

And the manufacturer of that vaccine is Merck, the Monsanto of the vaccine industry. This “Devil’s humble servant” is no doubt receiving ample remuneration for serving the Devil manifested as Merck.

Then there are Offit’s books that resonate with the “Quackbuster” level of defamation, lies and ad hominem slander that attracts the mainstream media’s sensationalist easy-scoop journalists.

They go to the official “authorities” and ask questions, repeat their answers and maybe explain how some foolishly disagree to cast the whole issue as some sort of uneven “debate” to create newsworthy controversy.

Offit’s outspoken nonsense, his several books that attack vaccination refusers as being “dangerous to us all” are reviewed by several newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Easy publicity for the “Devil’s humble servant.” He’s not shy, and he attracts an audience wherever he goes to deliver his lectures.

Unfortunately, Offit has a large platform in front of an ignorant public eye, while conscientious doctors who warn that vaccine risks far outweigh imagined benefits like Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Suzzane Humphries and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny go unnoticed except by the few who know better than to even consider the likes of Offit and his vaccinators.

Vaccination dangers

To be sure, Offit’s vaccine is not “green,” that is, devoid of all toxic preservatives and toxic adjuvants to boost their so-called efficacy at temporarily creating antigens.

This is true for all other pharmaceutical vaccines. Bypassing the normal portals of the immune system by directly injecting these toxins into the bloodstream does not confer immunity.

What does confer total immunity is surviving whatever infectious viruses or bacteria to which one is exposed. Several experts have shown graphs of the different diseases that were seriously waning before their vaccines were introduced.

From those graphs, it appears to this author that exposure to peak infection periods resulted in that “herd immunity” that vaccine pushers claim will be achieved if 90 percent of a given population is vaccinated.

Excess antigen reactions from vaccines create “cytokine storms” that overwhelm normal immunity and cause several different types of adverse reactions, some short-term, some long-term, and some deaths. The real risks far outweigh the fake advantages.


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4 thoughts on “Vaccine pusher Paul Offit trying to revoke all religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination

  1. I’ve decided to “exempt” myself. Forced vaccinations are a form of physical assault and I for one will not tolerate physical assault. I am so sick of self appointed hypocrites trying to force their nonsense on everyone else. No one has ever given a rational explanation how unvaccinated people can infect vaccinated people and isn’t it their choice to risk it?

  2. The rational explanation is that vaccines are only effective a short while, so an unvaccinated person can catch the illness while the unvaccinated will not, for a short while. Therefore, we need to vaccinate everyone to have a “herd immunity” and wipe out the disease altogether. Then, it will no longer matter that the effectiveness of the vaccines has worn off, because everyone was vaccinated and therefore couldn’t get it or spread it, all at the same time. And also the vaccines give our immune systems some good practice on the virus in the vaccine, so that when/if the real illness tries to invade, our immune system will be wise to it that much sooner and will fight it that much more effectively…

    Does that make sense? No, I didn’t think so. It doesn’t make sense to me, either. 🙂

  3. “Introducing Dr. Paul Offit, the conflicted top pediatrician and millionaire vaccine producer and promoter who claims that a baby can theoretically tolerate 10,000 vaccinations at once.”

    If he’s so certain of that, he should conclusively prove it.

    IF, as he claims, a baby can “theoretically tolerate 10,000 vaccinations at once”, then surely, “theoretically”, a full grown adult should be able to “tolerate” at least double or even triple that much, right?

    Put your money where your mouth is, doc, and do AT LEAST 20,000 vaccinations at once. Then maybe you can gain a shred of credibility.

    Otherwise, STFU!!!


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