Vice president Joe biden asks can humans be microchipped.

Uploaded on Nov 21, 2008 by Marcus Riley

This is from the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Not only have they stopped representing the interests of the American People; instead choosing that of the corporations that generously contribute to their coffers, but now they intend on marking us like livestock, to “track our every movement”.

It’s not a “conspiracy theory” when they openly talk about it. Things are only a conspiracy “theory” when YOU refuse to listen.

Things are not looking good on the homefront.

9 thoughts on “Vice president Joe biden asks can humans be microchipped.

  1. This is just the introduction of the idea to the public, but we know this has been one of their goals for a long time.

    There will be more suggestions of it in various media outlets praising the wonderful benefits of having everyone micro-chipped, followed by several “highly educated” professors expressing their views in favor of it, and then some “open debate” (carried out by carefully chosen debaters) that will help convince the skeptical of how great this technology is.

    After that you’ll hear about a few volunteers who are happy they had themselves chipped, and then it will be required to go somewhere (possibly to board a plane, or enter a government building).

    Eventually it will become law in one small corner of the country, and it will spread from there. There will be nothing but good news about the wonderful new technology, and after they have all the idiots chipped, only then will you see the tyrannical applications.

    1. That would be their usual procedure for unleashing something like this on the public, but I don’t think it’s going to work this time because they’re moving too fast with their tyrannical goals, and this is causing more and more people to doubt their integrity everyday.

      No one’s falling for it anymore, because too many people are aware of the process described above, and how it’s always used to slowly ram the tyranny down their throats.

  2. Here we go, a real life “Minority Report” scenario. “These chips will enable immediate access to critical medical information in a crisis.” is how they’ll sell this sucker. (Other less important info like real time GPS tracking, threat rating, rap sheet, family history, you know, all that boring stuff you don’t want to hear about so we won’t bother to inform you as you’re too busy working like slaves.)

    I watched Roberts facial expression during Biden’s insane remarks and he looked bewildered to me. He’ll do as he’s told when the time comes either way, unfortunately.

  3. “Vice president Joe biden asks can humans be microchipped.”

    Vice president Joe Biden is obviously an idiot.

    A woman down in Florida had her family micro-chipped 4 or 5 years ago – bragged about it, in fact.

    The only REAL question here is: who gets the ‘contract’.

  4. can humans be microchipped ?

    yes , yes they can,, but we have found that some of them tell us if we poke em with this chip they will blow our heads off …so what now?

    Ive heard that its really hard to chip the guy that says NO and has the means to back that NO up

  5. Important to NEVER get injected with anything….chip can get delivered that way……NEVER take big pharma medications…the chip can be delivered that way as well ……….and aren’t the chemtrails loaded with nanoparticles that enter our bodies? My guess is most of us have been chipped without even knowing it.

  6. I saw the picture of John Roberts, the smarmy, arrogant, traitorous asshole POS and could not bring myself to click “Play”.

  7. Ahh….the old Communist tactic. Let’s throw it out there and just talk about it. Soon it becomes a reality within another year or two unless We the People put an end to it.

    Hang Joe Malarkey for high treason!

  8. Obviously I would no more willingly allow myself to be microchipped than I’d allow myself to be poisoned. If someone tries to do that to me and I find out, then that person dies if I have anything to say about it.

    Take some comfort in the fact that the laws of physics are on our side here. A chip would have to be very tiny indeed for it to be implanted in a person without his knowledge. This would place major constraints on power, antenna size, and transmission range. I honestly don’t think it’s even possible to track a person with such a chip at any practical range.

    What IS possible is the subcutaneous injection of passive RFID chips that can be read by a special device at short range. Some people have these put into their pets in case they get lost; if someone recovers the pet and takes it to a vet or the pound, an RFID reader can be used to determine the real owner. But what human being would be stupid enough to allow himself to be injected that way? Better to die than be reduced to the level of a domestic animal.

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