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Resistance takes many forms. I guess I have been a card carrying member of the resistance since I was 9 years-old. I had read about the great crime of debt based currencies which transfers all wealth from the Gentiles to the Jews. I knew many Americans starved to death during the Great Depression but I could not then prove  it was 3 million who died rather than rebel. And I also denied the Holohoax. I successfully disproved my school’s Holohoax indoctrination program in front of the class. My teacher had to go through 3 levels of administration to reach an outside consultant who gave the best approach they could devise. That last attempt also failed miserably. When my teacher reported her final failure, the ‘Jewish consultant’ asked for the name of that student who rebelled and refused to believe what he was told.  

Fortunately, at that time white people said No and refused to tell the Jew who I was. But the Jews found out later. In fifth grade I had a Jewish teacher. And in 6th grade I had a Jewish classmate who said they knew that I had denied the Holocaust. They had taken a vote on whether or not to kill me. He said he had told his parents he was against killing me. Since that first encounter with Judaism Incorporated, many other Jewish people said they voted to keep me alive. One doctor said he told them not to kill me unless the Dollar Died. Because people would get so mad at them when they have nothing to eat that they would be willing to listen to me.

We are today very near that period when the Dollar Does Die.

I have written so many articles over the years that you really don’t need me. I do have other talents apart from writing essays. In fact, writing is not one of my great skills. I can only dream of writing like Camille Paglia.

But there are some things I can do better than anyone else. And that is what I must do now.

As promised, I will be writing an updated bibliographic sketch of the 2016 Bilderbergers meeting in Dresden. Reading the backgrounds of the Attendees can tell you what Bilderberg is planning to do to us. And it was good to know that the past two Deutsche Bank CEOs were Jewish and not even German born. One from Switzerland and his successor from Israel. So much for the Germans running the EU. Angela Merkel is said to be of Jewish descent as is Francois Hollande. The EU was never anything other than Rothschild land.

The other article I must write about is the upcoming third year anniversary of the murder of Michael Hastings. We can never forget our heroes. He was a great man who wanted to tell the truth.

I have put together a list of  articles by categories ranging from 911 and Holohoax to understanding Jewish history and thought processes. I will conclude with a few articles that are satirical and a few on health.

I promise to come back and write alerts and to publish something I view as urgent.

Please use this as a resource which you can come back too from time to time.


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Google Car: You Have Arrived At Your Destination Camp FEMA.

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Video: Enzymes, Cancer And Healthy Blood Pressure

From Bernays And Fluoride To Toxic Vaccines And Food

What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part II

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  1. Thanks for all your efforts, and take yourself a much-needed vacation, Rebel. (you’ll be back)

    We’d all like to leave, but there’s a situation here that we can’t ignore. Take a rest so you don’t get burned out.

  2. What I like about VidReb is that, unlike Lisa Haven, Alex Jones, Dave Hidges, Hagmann and Hagmann, Mike Rivero and yadda yadda yadda, VidReb tells me stuff I don’t know! Thank you!

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