4 thoughts on “The Voice 2017 Chris Blue and Usher – Finale: “Everybody Hurts”

  1. Look folks, meet “The Monkeys”! Hollywood signed, promoted, sealed, and delivered “canned music”, brought to you by two no talent bums who couldn’t write a song if they were cavemen with bongo drums.

    Let’s see now, Chris Blue and Usher, on “The Voice”. Any truly talented musician wouldn’t besmirch their reputations by appearing on a show like that. It ain’t like the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

  2. Well, I guess it’s all subjective. What’s beautiful and stirring to one, may be garbage to another. I thought these were powerful, clear voices with a loving message. Yeah, some celebs sell out/get entangled; perhaps one day they’ll figure it out and somehow defect. And sometimes, even on toxic television, art transcends Hollywood and speaks for itself. Anyway, just wanted to say I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE!! At least it wasn’t Nicki Minaj, eh?


    1. i am w you, i picked Chris to win and he did . He is a very talented young man, the show this yr was amazing. For people to say he can’t sing, they know nothing about being an Artist. He commands the stage w his presence.

      1. Yeah, and he has a spiritual vibe. I hope they don’t contaminate him as they have so many others. If it ain’t contamination, it’s assassination. What a world!

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